Testimony Resumes in Nipsey Hussle Murder Trial – Los Angeles

Thursday will see testimony continue for Eric Ronald Holder Jr. in his murder trial. Holder Jr. is accused of shooting Nipsey Hussle to death and injuring two other men at Eric’s South Los Angeles clothing shop.

Holder, 32-year-old Holder is also facing two counts of attempted murder, assault with a weapon and one count possession of a gun by a felon. He is also accused of personal and intentional discharge of a handgun, and inflicting great bodily injury.

Wednesday’s testimony began with a prosecutor telling jurors Holder opened fire on Hussle with two guns outside his Hyde Park-area shop.

Although Holder was acknowledged by a defense lawyer as having killed the musician, he maintained that the crime took place in the “heat and passion.”

John McKinney, Deputy District Attorney, told the downtown Los Angeles jury in his opening statement that Holder was, “pulls out not one but two guns and starts shooting” after a conversation with the rapper that included allegations of “snitching.”

According to the prosecutor, Holder had said that the rapper told Holder there was word out on the streets that he had been “snitching,” but there was “Holder left the lot without expressing any hostility, and returned shortly thereafter to the strip mall.

According to the prosecutor, surveillance footage shows Holder shooting from both his left and right hand.

Nipsey, 33, was shot at least 10 to 11 times in an incident that took place in an “explosion of violence,” McKinney said, noting that the rapper was, “Shot from literally the bottom to his head” and that he would have been paraplegic had he survived the one bullet that struck his spine.

Holder allegedly said to the rapper “You’re done,” according to the prosecution.

According to a grand jury transcript, the rapper who was shot said, “You got my,” as he was lying on the ground.

In what Holder called a “stunt” Holder kicked Hussle in he head. “very personal” attack before running from the scene, telling jurors the evidence would show that Holder had plenty of opportunity “”

McKinney revealed that the men were both raised in South Los Angeles and had been involved in gang activities.

Aaron Jansen, Holder’s attorney, said twice to jurors in his opening statement that “this is a case regarding heat of passion.”

According to the defense lawyer, his client had “shot and killed” the rapper. He also stated that a bullet might have accidentally hit another man or grazed a third person.

Holder was “so enraged” about the rapper’s accusation that he was a snitch that he returned nine minutes later “Jansen claimed that Jansen did not think and that he “acted without premeditation” in opening fire on him.

Holder’s attorney pointed out that Holder is facing murder charges, but informed jurors that the case should be considered voluntary manslaughter since Holder was acting in heat of passion.

Defense lawyer stated that he was confident that the panel would acquit his client for first-degree murder and the attempted murder counts.

According to Holder’s lawyer he surrendered to a Bellflower mental hospital three days following the shooting.

Herman Douglas, the first witness for the prosecution, testified that Holder approached a group in the lot with the rapper and shook hands. But, he said that Holder didn’t perceive any danger whatsoever after speaking with Holder.

Douglas, an ex-con, testified that Nipsey became his friend after he met him in 2003.

Douglas claimed that he entered the building to eat lunch, but he was woken by gunshots about five to ten minutes later. Douglas said that he tried plugging one of the bullet holes after he discovered his long-time friend dead on the ground.

Nipsey’s passing brought thousands to a memorial service held in April 2019, with Stevie Wonder and Snoop Dogg as the stars.

Obama wrote in a letter to the congregation that he saw potential. He saw the possibility of hope. He saw the possibility of hope.

In 2020, two Grammy Awards were posthumously presented to the rapper-entrepreneur for best rap performance. “Racks in the Middle” and for best rap/sung performance for “Higher.”


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