Teens Mock Old Lady in Driving School until They Realize She’s There for Her Sick Grandson – Story of the Day

A grandmother of 81 years surprised everyone when she arrived at a driving school to register for a course. People mocked her and claimed she wouldn’t get it. However, they found out why she persevered in getting her license.

Lora Hudgens, an 81-year old woman on a mission, was Lora. Despite the odds against her, she bravely entered a course at a driving academy alongside others who were decades older than her.

Her classmates, ages 16-24, wondered what an elderly lady like her would do there on her first day. They gossiped about her and shared their thoughts.

Lora’s classmates wondered if Lora wanted a driver’s license at her young age. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“Let’s make a bet,”One of her classmates whispered to the other. “She won’t make it past the written test.”They laughed and encouraged others to join in.

“She’s wasting her time and money on this course. They’ll never give her a license,”Another said.

Lora ignored her classmates, and kept to herself the majority of the class. She was determined to pass the course so she listened attentively to the instructor.

Lora kept her course, despite all the doubts from her classmates. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Lora completed the course and her classmates were shocked that she was able to do it. She received a certificate and was ready to take her DMV tests.

Lora was waiting to be called at the DMV when one of her classmates approached her. “I know you’ve probably heard all the talk surrounding your presence, ma’am,”He said it to her. “What’s your story? Why do you want a driver’s license at your age?”

Lora smiled, as if waiting for someone else to ask her. She said she was doing it to help her terminally ill grandson.

Lora’s classmate approached Lora as they waited at the DMV.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“My grandson only has one dream before anything happens to him – he wants to go camping for a week in a nearby state. I promised I would take him, but I have no license,”She shared her secrets. “It’s only both of us at home, and our other relatives are too busy to take us on the trip.”

The man felt awful immediately. He regretted making fun of Lora. He realized that she wasn’t doing this for herself, but for a special friend in her life.

“You’re such an admirable woman,”Lora was the only one he could not help but to tell him. “Your grandson is lucky to have you as his grandmother.”

Lora shook her heads. “When his parents left him with me, I promised to give him a good life. I don’t understand why he had to get sick. Taking him on the camping trip is the least I could do. His birthday is coming up in two weeks, so I need to ace the test today,”The man was shocked and astonished by her words.

Lora was determined and motivated to pass the driver’s test. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Soon after Lora’s death, the man was called for his driver’s license test. Lora wished him well and wished her luck. Before he could walk to the instructor, the man revealed to the other classmates that Lora was taking his driver’s license test for her sick grandson.

Everyone felt sorry for her, and they decided to help her pass the exams. They were there to support her and give her tips for passing and getting her license.

Lora’s turn was for the test drive. The couple wished Lora good luck and cheered Lora on. “We’ll be here waiting, Lora!”They told her. “You can do it!”

Lora’s classmates cheered Lora on before she took her test.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Lora passed the test with such confidence thanks to her classmates. Lora passed her test with no errors and was impressed by the DMV officer.

“For an 81-year-old, you’re a lot better than some of your classmates who went before you,”She was told by the officer. “Great job, Lora!”

Lora took a deep breathe and thanked the officer after she had completed the test. “How did I do? I was quite nervous,”She asked.

Lora carefully passed her driver’s examination with a DMV Officer beside her. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“You did well. I’ll admit that you’ll have a lot of restrictions because of your age, but I’m happy to let you know that you passed the test. You’ll be getting your driver’s license,”The officer informed her.

Lora could not help but weep when she heard this. Lora cried as she sat in silence in her car, thinking of her grandson, who was waiting at home. “Thank you, officer. You have no idea how much this means to me. I’m going to take my grandson camping!”

It was true that she took her grandson Peter on a camping trip on the week of Peter’s birthday. She rented an SUV and drove them to another country to visit a beautiful park. There, they rented a cabin for a week.

Lora was able take her grandson camping with her. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“Grandma, thank you for making my wish come true,”Peter spoke this one night as they roasted marshmallows by the campfire. “You are the best thing to ever happen in my life. I’m so lucky to be your grandson,”He said this, while hugging her.

Lora was still in tears. Peter was again in tears. She assured him that she would always be there and that, even though he was ill, she would do all she could to help him get well.

What can we learn from this tale?

  • If you are determined and have the will to succeed, age is not a factor. Lora persevered despite the odds and was determined to pass her driving test and get her license. She wanted to take her grandson camping, so she completed her driving course.
  • Grandparents would do almost anything to help their grandchildren. Remember them. Lora put her grandson first, even at age 81. She could have retired to enjoy her retirement, but she decided to work hard to help her grandson realize his dream.

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