Teen Mother Chooses Adoption – 42 Years Later, She Reunites with Her Daughter

A teenage mother gave up her baby girl to be adopted after she was unable to do so. She would eventually meet her daughter 42 years later. The viewers and the host were left in tears after the touching reunion was broadcast on television. 

Adopting a child is one of the most difficult tasks for parents. It is terrifying to think of being away from your baby for even a few hours.

People sometimes have to give up their children due to unfavorable circumstances. They have no other choice. It is difficult. This is what the woman in today’s tale did, too. But she didn’t expect to meet her daughter until decades later.

Linda during an interview. | Source: youtube.com/OWN


Linda, then 15, ran from her home in order to feel unloved when she was 15. Linda claims that her parents did not show her love. Living with them under the same roof was stressful, so, as a teenager, she thought leaving her house forever was the best solution. 

The young girl, who had been living on the streets for a while, returned to her home without knowing that she was pregnant. Once the symptoms started showing, Linda was delighted to discover that she would soon become a mother. She Recalled:

“I hadn’t experienced the feeling of love, you know. And I thought, God, I’m having a baby, and this baby is going to love me. It’s going to be my baby!”

Linda cries during her interview. | Source: youtube.com/OWN


Linda had been preparing to welcome her baby. However, Linda discovered something unexpected. During the seventh month of her pregnancy, Linda’s social worker told her that her mother didn’t want to keep her baby in her house. 

Slaton finally had a lead in 2010 about Laura.

Linda, 15 years old, thought her mother didn’t make sense. However she knew that she couldn’t refuse her mother’s wishes. In the end, she reluctantly agreed to adopt her baby. 

Linda shares her story. | Source: youtube.com/OWN


When it was time for her to deliver the baby, Linda contacted Rosalie Home in New York City, a place that helped unwed mothers. Laura was born to her mother on January 15, 1968. Linda gave birth to Laura on January 15, 1968. Linda was moved by her emotions. TalkHere’s how she felt that day.

“The joyfulness of giving birth, and then the moment at which I had to walk out of the hospital without her. So I don’t want to go back and visit that.”

Linda had to sign papers and give Laura up for adoption. It was hard for her. She had to listen to her mother as a teenager and say goodbye her baby. She didn’t know that she would be reunited with her daughter after forty years. 

Linda speaks out about her daughter. | Source: youtube.com/OWN


Linda didn’t quit despite not feeling her best. Linda worked hard, received a scholarship, found a job, married and had a son she loved. She still longs to see her daughter. 

Eventually, Linda got in touch with a genealogist, Pam Slaton, to find her daughter. Linda wasn’t sure if that would work, but she thought it was worth trying. 

Slaton finally received a lead concerning Laura in 2010. Upon dialing her number, Slaton felt relieved to hear a woman’s voice from the other end.

Pam Slaton. | Source: youtube.com/OWN


Slaton heard Laura’s voice and told her that she was searching for her biological child, born January 15, 1968. She also asked her if she had the exact same birth date. 

Slaton explained to the woman on the other side why she called her. Laura realized that Linda was searching for her. :

“I have lived all my life dying for a family, not having one.”

Laura weeps while speaking about her mother. | Source: youtube.com/OWN


Laura was stunned that her mother was looking for her. Linda was also shocked when Slaton informed her that she had found Laura. Slaton promised her she would see her daughter soon and Laura burst into tears.

Laura traveled 2000 miles from her home to see her mother who she had abandoned her at birth. As a child, living without knowing her parents had taken a toll on her. She felt abandoned because her mother wasn’t there for them. Laura :

“I can’t believe I’m going to meet her. I can’t believe she actually looked for me!”

Linda crying. | Source: youtube.com/OWN


Linda broke down immediately when Laura first saw her after 40 years. Linda was overcome with emotion as they hugged and rubbed each other’s arms. She never dreamed of meeting her daughter, even though she gave her up to adoption.

Linda and Laura spoke out on The Oprah Winfrey show about their feelings regarding their reunion. Linda stated that it was hard for her to believe Laura was there with her. She was sad to know that Laura had to struggle because she hadn’t imagined it. Linda Additional:

“She loves me as much as I love her.”

Linda and Laura | Source: youtube.com/OWN

LAURA’S EmotionS

Laura stated that an adopted child often wonders about their parents’ decision to give them up for adoption. The child may start to believe that their mother might not want them or that they were just born by accident.

When Laura discovered that Linda gave her up because she wanted her to live a better life, she stopped feeling unworthy. Laura felt special because her mother named Laura instead of leaving her. Linda was also proud to have named Laura. 

Linda didn’t know she would be a grandmother to her three-year-old daughter after searching for her. 

Linda and Laura | Source: youtube.com/OWN


Linda felt proud to meet her little grandchildren. Looking at their manners and behavior, she realized that Laura was a great mother. 

Linda said that she also believed in Linda “questioned herself all these years, whether she made the right choice by giving Laura up for adoption. She felt proud that her daughter came out of a problematic situation as a strong woman and raised eh children to become good human beings. 

Today’s story teaches us that a mother’s love never fades away. Despite staying away from her daughter for forty-two years, Linda still longed to meet her and didn’t forget her. Their story also proves that it’s never too late to stand up for yourself. Linda started her search after four decades and met her daughter in no time. 

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