Teen Moms slam Maci Buchout, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer’s ‘awful spray tans’ in shocking resurfaced photographs

TEEN Mom fans found old photos of Maci Buchout, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer, and ripped them for the tans.

Over the years, MTV has been scrutinized for their looks, as well as their cosmetic procedures.


Teen Mom stars Leah Messer, and others are getting slammed by the media for their fake tansCredit to MTV
Chelsea Houska has previously faced similar backlash and still does


Chelsea Houska was previously subject to similar backlash, and continues to face itCredit to MTV
Maci Bookout has toned down her look significantly


Maci Bookout has significantly toned down her appearanceCredit: Reddit

Recent developments include: RedditUser resurfaced photos of Teen Mom stars in questionable fake tans.

Maci, for her portion, posed in front a mirror in photo. She wore a tube top and had skin several shades darker that her usual.

Another photo shows her soaking up the sun and applying a layer of tanning.

Chelsea appeared in Teen Mom’s early episodes looking almost orange.

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Reddit thread also had grabs of her with blond hair. This seemed to intensify her skin tone and the recent photos of her sporting sunless tanner.

Amber Portwood (left) and Leah Messer (right) were also featured in the post. It featured photos of their bad tans.

The West Virginia native, who is very tanned, appeared in stills from reunions.

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Critics attacked Teen Mom cast members in comments.

“Oompa, Loompa, do-pa-dee-do,”One commenter said that they were like characters from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Another commenter wrote: “I rather stay pale like Casper the friendly ghost than be orange with a spray tan.”

“Omg i could b***h for hours on this subject. Maci was always splotchy. Always. Girl, loofah that shit beforehand. Amber was streaky. Many of them had orange faces with white necks. None of them know how to blend into their hairline. I cant believe no one stopped them from themselves,”Someone else may have added.

Some comments weren’t all negative.

Many fans admitted that they too had been wearing questionable tans over that period.

“Tbh I was their age during this time and fake tans were a thing. At least where I lived. Never looked orange tho lol,”One Reddit user wrote.

An additional: “TBH, during that time, it was like we were aiming at getting an orange tan.”

It is not the first time that fake tans have been brought up with Teen Mom.

Chelsea is a particular target because of her fake tan.


HGTV’s star was accused of blackfishing her fans and made another blunder about her tan.

A mom of four shared photos in May with her three friends, who were all dressed up for a girl’s weekend.

The TV personality wore a black off the shoulder top, jean shorts and tan booties. A matching tan satchel bag was also available with a cowgirl cap.

Chelsea poses for a close-up photo in a second photograph as she celebrates the holiday at a local pub.

Fans were more worried about her intense spray tanning. Reddit to slam her for overdoing the “orange.”

“The fringe bandanas, the boots, the hats and the fake tans… enough already. It is silly and you look ridiculous,”One was mocked.

“It’s amazing that after all these years chelsea still can’t manage to apply her tanner correctly,”The second was also agreed.

The third will follow shortly. ” Holy orange,”While a fourth complained “Way too much cheap bronzing lotion.”

“I can smell it through my screen!”Another comment was made.

“Chelsea needs to give up the spray tan or whatever kind of tan she does. Her legs look terrible. Who even tans like that anymore? I like my pale ghost skin just fine,”A final ranted.

Chelsea has been subject to criticism for years. Her fans have accused Chelsea of being too sexist. “blackfishing”Her fake tanner and constant use for photo filters.

As for the others, fans tend to be more focused on their plastic surgeries – or those they perceive they’ve had.


Leah is not being criticized for her tan but has been criticised for her new smile.

Fans had previously begged the mother of three to not have the surgery but she went ahead with it.

After getting her teeth fixed, reality star took the time to get her smile back. Instagram Stories to post a selfie from her car on Tuesday.

This TV personality appeared completely different. She flashed a flawless bright white smile and wore red lipstick.

Leah showcased her dark hair and RayBan glasses as she celebrated her new look.

MTV’s MTV Star also shared video footage of her visit, in which she spoke to the camera to advertise her plastic surgeon’s office.

As the mother of three, she wore bright pink clothing as she addressed camera.

“I’m super excited and nervous,”She agreed.

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Leah also shared a behind-the scenes video that showed her getting under the knife and smiling when she was done.

However, the TV star didn’t have support from her fans when she announced her decision. Several begged her to not. “unnecessary”plastic surgery

Chelsea is continually accused of blackfishing


Chelsea is constantly accused of blackfishingCredit: Instagram
Macie, meanwhile, has largely taken on a more subtle style


Macie has, however, adopted a more subtle style.Credit: Instagram
Leah is typically slammed for her alleged plastic surgery, most recently facing backlash over her teeth


Leah is often criticized for her alleged cosmetic surgery. She was most recently backlash about her teeth.Credit: Instagram/@leahmesser


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