Teen Mom fans want Kayla Sessler’s family member ‘BANNED’After being restrained from a physical fight with star, he was allowed to leave the show.

Fans want to ban Kayla Sessler’s grandma from MTV after tensions broke down between Luke Davis’ mom and Kayla Sessler.

The drama reached its peak after a family gathering, when Noopie criticized Kayla’s stepmother.


Teen Mom fans demand Kayla Sessler’s sister-inlaw and mother-inlaw be removed from the showCredit: MTV
Noopie and Chas had to be restrained from fighting Kayla


Noopie and Chas were forced to stop fighting KaylaCredit: MTV

During Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, fans saw the drama between Kayla and Noopie reach new heights.

Kayla confides to her mother that Luke’s mom Noopie called her names as she spoke with her stepmom at Izaiah’s party.

The reality star later sits down with Luke and his mom Chas to talk through their differences. After settling on a positive approach, they agree to continue to make progress until the party.

The duo immediately start screaming at each other, with Luke’s sister jumping in.

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Kayla questions: “Why are you talking to Nicole about me?”

Kayla gets slammed by mom and daughter “stupid b***h”And a “h**”Noopie replies: “Because I wanted to.”

They raise their arms and attempt to get to Kayla. Security then jumps in.

Kayla and Luke leave the home and Luke’s mom follows them outside shouting and calling Kayla’s names.

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Kayla is furious and yells at her: “I don’t give a f**k. At my son’s birthday?”

She then adds with a smirk: “He not gonna leave me. That’s what y’all fail to understand. He love me.”


Twitter was quick to join the fray, and many chose Kayla’s side.

One viewer wrote: “NOOPIE calling kayla a hoe in front of her step momma? well what is luke? cause he cheated on her while she was pregnant! what does that make luke NOOPIE since you know so much?”

Another user on Twitter wrote: “so she was at kayla’s son’s party talking shit about her!? mannnnnn NOOPIE is a messy old bitch.”

The third one chimed: “It’s wild that Luke’s family is calling Kayla a hoe but they don’t have the same energy for him. He cheated on that girl while she was pregnant. He’s terrible.”

Luke’s mom wasn’t the only one to cause drama at Izaiah’s birthday bash.


Kayla had previously claimed that Stephan Alexander, their baby daddy, didn’t reach his son on his special day.

Kayla answered fans’ questions after an episode about the party.

She was asked: “Did Stephan try to reach Zay on his birthday?”

The 23 year-old replied simply by affixing a sticker that read: “No.”

She didn’t elaborate and did not respond to any additional questions.

Kayla was first seen on Teen Mom with Stephan’s 2018 show. 

They were pregnant with Izaiah at the time, and they broke up somewhere in early 2018, which was featured on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.

This happened just months after their September 2017 baby was born.

Luke's mother and Kayla have had a rocky relationship


Kayla and Luke’s mother have had a difficult relationship.Credit: MTV
Kayla held her own in the fight, cursing and yelling at Noopie and Chas


Kayla did her best in the fight. She cursed and yelled at Chas, Noopie, and Chas.Credit: MTV
Luke and Kayla's relationship hit a rough patch, leading to even more drama


Kayla and Luke had a difficult relationship, which resulted in more dramaCredit: Social Media.


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