Ted Cruz’s stage walk at a conservative conference is the most ridiculous thing you’ll see today

Ted Cruz definitely made an impression at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, but it was not received the way he intended.

Twitter quickly reacted to the video, with many people comparing it to him. “beyond parody”Stagewalk to something from a WWE fight or a Beyonce concert.

A clip from Fox News’ interview with Senator Joe Biden, which he attacked as a racist, was played on the big-screen before the Texas senator made his appearance in Tampa.

“But he has managed to unify the country, everyone agrees he’s doing a terrible job,”Cruz spoke while Cruz listened to a choir track and a trap beat in the background. It was almost as if Cruz was taking notes. The X Factor“Bombastic introductions” (it’s just missing it) “voiceover man”Announcer Peter Dickson will belt the senator’s name

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The theatrics weren’t over as Cruz made his way onto the stage. This could have been confused with a WWE ringside dance.

The crowd was so enthusiastic that the video of the entrance quickly went viral on Twitter. Aaron Rupar tweeted it: “Conservative conferences are beyond a parody.”

The video has been viewed 1 million times and liked 17,000 times.

Others agreed with them and began to laugh at the absurdity of the politician’s grand entrance.

Another example is from the dystopian series of films The Hunger Games Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci), the host of the games, also gets a dramatic introduction.

What Black Mirror This is episode

Some people were not impressed with politicians’ entrances “like rock stars.”

“This is why comedy moves don’t exist anymore… you can’t parody this,” Jason Wise tweeted.

This was not Beychella. “Ted Cruz thinking he’s Beyonce…”

Perhaps Spongebob is your inspiration?

It was a great production. “smoke and mirrors” literally.

Cruz didn’t seem to be too bothered about the parody description. He simply quoted Rupar and added a shrugging shoulder emoji.

Cruz got a standing ovation when he mocked progressives for using pronouns in his speech. “‘My preferred pronouns are ‘kiss my a**.'”

Cruz also mocked Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s arrest at a prochoice abortion protest against Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

Cruz added: “It’s gotten so bad AOC can’t afford fake handcuffs.”

AOC denies that she feigned being handcuffed. Tweet: “Putting your hands behind your back is a best practice while detained.”

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