Tamara Tunie Once Revealed the Key to Her Blissful 2nd Marriage — 3 Years Later It Fell Apart

“Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”Tamara Tunie, alumna, and Gregory Generet were able to marry as if it was their dream marriage. Generet wasn’t Tunie’s first husband. 

Many celebrities and fans admire them. “Rising Sun”The union of Gregory Generet and Tamara Tunie, actress Three years later, the couple broke up. 

Tunie was not the first to experience marital bliss after her union with Generet. “The Devil’s Advocate”Star was previously married to Greg Bouquett, a Georgia lawyer. They were married in 1988, but they divorced in 1991. Tunie later married Generet.

Left: Tamara Tunie (actress). Right: Tamara Tunie with Gregory Generet, at the Torch Ball hosted at The Plaza Hotel by Evidence, A Dance Company on March 25, 2013, New York City.Source: Getty Images . | Source: Getty Images

Generet started singing when he was a kid, singing in church choirs and in high school bands. Although Generet loved singing, it wasn’t something that he wanted to do professionally. This was due to his parents’ frequent visits to the studio. Telled him:

“You can sing for God, but you’ve got to go get a job!”

In 1986, however, he discovered a Coltrane/ Hartman recording, which changed his life. Forever changed. Generet listened to the album many times before deciding that this was what he wanted.

His first job was as a post production editor. But his passion for jazz was too overwhelming. He was driven to become a better singer. He is regarded by critics today as having “a voice that’s so sultry you might get burned.” 


The “Stolen Moments”Singer and the “Wall Street”In their professional and personal lives, actresses have had incredible success. Tunie has more than two decades of film credits and has received numerous accolades, including the Tony Award as Best Musical. 

Generet, on the other hand has enjoyed a successful career in music. He has performed with many well-known musicians like Onaje Allan Goines, Victor Goines and Bucky Pizzarelli.

Tamara Tunie (Actress) and Gregory Generet (Actress). “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess”Broadway Opening Night Photo: Getty images | Photo: Getty images

They had one of the most successful careers they ever had. The longest marriagesHollywood standards. They shared their secrets to a happy marriage. 

Tunie also revealed that premarital counseling was a huge help to them. Tunie said that they can only balance their hectic schedules by making the time for each other. 

“We spend a lot of time together supporting each other’s different projects because it’s a part of our lives. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s what gave me the strength to go out and do what I’m doing right now.”Generet Share

It was refreshing to see a couple who have been married for so many years gushing about each other. Generet spoke with Essence during an interview. His wife:

“My wife is a champion, a cheerleader, a note-taker, a note giver — these things help me.”

Tunie also praised her husband, calling him her best friend. She shared with us that their marriage only got better over the years. 

Actress Tamara Tunie is joined by Gregory Generet, her husband, at the 2009 Golden Heart awards at IAC Building on October 19, 2009 in New York City. Photo: Getty Images | Photo: Getty Images

When the “Flight”In 1993, actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband were jazz singers. All they wanted was a place to call their Harlem house. They didn’t realize they would end up with solid real estate investments decades later. 

The couple purchased the five-story building. Brick townhouseAfter downsizing the house and renovating it, they sold it for $275,000. Generet referred to the Fifth Avenue mansion as a home that “feeds our soul.” 

Tunie was able to incorporate elements from her childhood home into her new home right away. The actress grew up in Pittsburg and her childhood home was open to visitors. She adopted that same policy for her Harlem home.

“I wanted to make a home that was similar to the kind of home that my mother made. To be able to create something like that in my adopted city, New York City, one of the toughest cities on the planet, is really special,” Tunie .

The house includes a formal dining room and butler’s pantry. It also has a living room, four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a living area. The landing is equipped with a Steinway keyboard and a bass stand. It has been used by the singer for rehearsals, jam sessions and jazz salons. 

Tuni and Generet were, by all means, the perfect examples for a happy marriage. It’s no surprise that the news of Their separationIt was simply amazing. It was simply amazing. “Angel Eyes”In 2015, the couple that had been together for close to 20 years cut the cord on their marriage. 

Gregory Generet, Tamara Tunie, and Gregory Generet attended BOULEVARDMAGAZINE’s April Issue at Hawaiian Tropic Zone in New York City on April 14, 2008. Photo by Getty Images | Photo: Getty Images

The couple is not married and has no children. It sounded quite amicable. Tunie made the announcement in a statement, asking for privacy during their difficult transition. However, they did not reveal the reasons for their separation.


Many actresses and actors have graced our screens playing various roles in the longest-running primetime television live-action series. “Law & Order: SVU,”Ice-T, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni.

Tunie also made an appearance on the show, as the Medical examiner, Dr. Melinda Warner. Tunie was first seen on an episode in 1996 of “Law & Order”Titled “Deadbeat,”Caroline Bennett, where she was played.

In 2000, she was Dr. Warner’s recurring character. “Law & Order: SVU”Before becoming a main series member in season 7, she was still in season 2. Before she left the show in 2015, she would frequently return to a recurring position.

Tunie, who was forced to leave the Dick Wolf criminal world by her ex-husband, has been busy taking care of other matters significant projectsThis includes appearing in episodes “Billions”Television series of procedural dramas “Elementary.”

Her most prominent role since “Law & Order: SUV”It was when she played Monica Graham in the procedural police drama “Blue Bloods.”The showrunners abruptly resigned. She was killed off as a characterAfter only seven episodes.

After her stint at “Blue Bloods,”Tunie appeared in the dark comedy drama “Dietland”She also played recurring roles in dramas “Almost Family” “Black Earth Rising. She also appeared on three episodes of the crime drama “Better Call Saul.”

Tunie also stars on Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop” live adaptation as Ana. Variety describes her character as the “proprietor of the hottest underground bluesy jazz club on Mars.” Tunie also stars alongside Chanté Adams and Michael B Jordan in “A Journal For Jordan.”


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