The movie is a good watch but if you think of reaching the expectations from such a strong plot, Sweet Girl had to cross an even higher mark.

Sweet Girl

The title might be Sweet Girl but the girl and the movie are both strong to be sweet. Have you watched the latest action thriller on Netflix yet? Sweet Girl has some brilliant action sequences and an interesting plot twist, a story that speaks of revenge, trauma, and emotions. This action thriller movie could be and could not be for you. Let’s inspect.

Sweet Girl, released on Netflix on 20 August 2021 is an action thriller from director Brian Andrew Mendoza written by Philip Eisner and Gregg Hurwitz. Jason Momoa, Isabela Merced and a lot of action are inviting viewers to the 110-minute watch although Sweet Girl is yet to place its stand on the viewer’s lists as a must-watch thriller. 

Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl Movie Plotline

Revolving around a vengeful pursuit at a corrupted pharmaceutical company’s actions greatly triggered by political intrigues, Sweet Girl starts the main plot with a loss. We have Ray, a husband who lost his beloved wife and Rachel, a young girl who lost her dear mother to cancer, only due to the delay of generic medicine. The delay was forced by the popular and expensive pharma company Bioprime who’s CEO was threatened on live Television by Ray when his wife was on her deathbed deprived of an affordable cure. Six months after his wife died, an anonymous phone call tipping off on evidence against Bioprime’s CEO Simon Keeley takes Ray and Rachel who followed him secretly onto a situation that leads to a murderous attempt by a hitman. Rachel and Ray go through many physical and emotional pains as Rachel follows her father into his vengeful attempt at collapsing the corrupted system that led to his wife’s death. What follows is a lot of action, adventure and suspense. Not breaking down on any spoilers here but the movie is more about Rachel than it was about Ray. It effectively sets deep into the tagline mentioned at the beginning as well as the end of the movie: “ Parents and children, where do we stop and they begin?” 

Sweet Girl

But the question is whether Sweet Girl was able to deliver the action and drama in a way the audiences were nerve bending engaged? To be fair, the movie is a good watch but if you think of reaching the expectations from such a strong plot, Sweet Girl had to cross an even higher mark. 

Sweet Girl Movie Cast

For the fans of Khal Drogo and the Aquaman, getting to see Jason Momoa would in itself be a great reason to watch Sweet Girl. Isabela Merced has also presented an impressive performance as Rachel. Along with them are starring Lex Scott Davis, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Justin Bartha, Michael Raymond-James, Adria Arjona and Amy Brenneman among others. 


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