‘SW’ Christine Brown & Son Quarantined for Mother’s Day

Paedon Brown and his mother Christine were forced to quarantine on Mother’s Day this year. Christine and Kody Brown’s son took to both InstagramTikTok revealed that his mother and he were in quarantine at home and no one was allowed to visit. Fans assume Truely was in the house as well, since she is under 18. However, it sounds as though she was keeping distance from her mother or brother in order to avoid becoming sick.

Paedon- Christine Brown Instagram

Wait, Christine Brown or Paedon caught COVID?

Paedon mysteriously noted that “someone” got sick yesterday forcing both himself and his mother into quarantine for Mother’s Day. He joked about it, but it wasn’t him. Later, he admitted that it was actually him who became sick. Christine Brown was behind the dining room table. It appeared that she was making some kind of wreath.

Christine was quick to respond and clarify that Paedon was not in quarantine because of COVID-19. She clarified that it was just a stomach bug that forced them to quarantine on Mother’s Day. Paedon made a confession about the stomach bug during the conversation. He spent most of yesterday vomiting.

Paedon - Christine - Brown - Instagram
Paedon – Tiktok

Paedon said that they were both “really sad” that no one else would be joining them to celebrate Mother’s Day. Christine assured them that they would have a blast and had a lot of fun. Harry PotterEnjoy the game with your friends.

The Sister Wives star didn’t hate her Mother’s Day gift

Christine Brown jokingly concluded the conversation noting that her Mother’s Day gift was essentially going to be to stay home and do absolutely nothing. If she was being honest, however, she didn’t really hate that idea. Please comment. Sister Wives Christine and Paedon received nothing but love from their fans. Many fans confessed that they felt jealous of Paedon’s success. “the coolest mom.”Some fans chose to keep their comments brief and wish Paedon, Christine all the best.

Paedon - Christine - Brown - Instagram
Paedon – TikTok

Sadly, it did not appear as if Christine took to her own profile to upload fans on what was going on with her on Mother’s Day. However, she did take to Instagram to inform her followers that Paedon had finally succeeded in getting her to join TikTok.

Get well soon Paedon, Christine!

'SW' Christine Brown & Son Quarantined for Mother's Day
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