Susanna Reid blasts Ben Shephard for ‘insensitive’ menopause comments to his wife

Susanna Reid mocked her Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard on Thursday’s show as they spoke about the menopause and hormonal replacement therapy being available over the counter

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GMB: Susanna teases Ben about ‘sensitive’ menopause chat with wife

Susanna Reid wasn’t afraid to rebuke Ben Shephard as they spoke about the menopause on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain.

The hosting duo were discussing the news that HRT (hormone replacement therapy) could be available over the counter, when Ben made a comment about his wife Annie.

“It’s still very sensitive though because we’ve talked about it on the show because it’s an important issue,” Ben began.

“But I sort of brought this up with my wife the other day and errrrr just thinking that’s pretty normal,” he continued as Susanna chimed in.

“Did you say to her, ‘is that because you’re going through the menopause?’ Because that’s probably not the right way to bring something up is it?” Susanna told her co-host.

Susanna Reid was quick to tease Ben Shephard as they spoke about the menopause on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain

“It probably wasn’t as sensitive as that!” Ben replied, as he continued: “I think the interesting thing is I brought it into conversation as a point of reference and I mean she was teasing me, but it is still a very sensitive subject for a lot of women.”

Moments later as Susanna attempted to move the conversation on, Ben also got the opportunity to make a dig.

Ben admitted that he had a conversation with his wife Annie recently about the menopause

“Let’s move on to another substance… not HRT,” she said as Ben quipped: “Does it alleviate the symptoms though?”

The pair then started discussing a video which shows postmen staggering in the street in South London after “accidentally eating hash brownies”.

Susanna was stunned that the posties were even comfortable eating something that “could have been anything” as Ben invited postmen at home to contact them and explain the rules.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV and ITV Hub.

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