Surprised by Kate McKinnon’s College Girlfriend

Before Kate McKinnonWas a Saturday Night LiveColumbia University is where she studied, according to legend. There, she met someone whose name you may recognize. Here’s the story.

Kate McKinnon’s Earliest Days

McKinnon was raised on Long Island. She became interested in comedy and accents at an early age. Columbia University was where she earned a degree as a theatre director. She founded an improv comedy company and was a star in many variety shows while at Columbia University. She worked alongside Jenny Slate, Greta Gerwig and others on these shows.

Meet Bari Weiss

McKinnon was in a relationship with Bari Weiss during her time at Columbia. Weiss was raised in Pittsburgh, and attended Columbia University at the same moment. She and McKinnon attended Columbia at the same time, as Meghan McCain.

Weiss was a controversial figure even in college. Columbians for Academic Freedom was founded by Weiss. This group included Jewish students who were intimidated or ostracized by pro-Palestinian professors. The CurrentThis focussed on politics and Jewish affairs.

Weiss graduated and found work at the Wall Street JournalThen, he followed editor Bret Stephens into the New York Times. In 2019, Weiss published Anti-Semitism – How to Stop ItShe identifies right-wing, left-wing and Islamic antisemitism. The book was, as one might expect, polarizing.

Villain In Most Circles

To call Weiss controversial would be an understatement. She regularly incites hatred from both the right and the left. She caused a tsunami of backlash in 2021 when she revealed to Bill Maher that she was a socialist. “done with COVID.”Weiss felt that the pandemic restrictions on continuing outbreaks were too strong and was criticized for being childish and elitist.

She’s also been criticized by the political right for her repeated charge that Donald Trump is an antisemite. She resigned in 2020 from the New York Times, citing the paper’s capitulation to Twitter. Ben Shapiro, Bill Maher praised her resignation. 

What does Weiss think of McKinnon?

Weiss met with Weiss in 2019 Vanity FairWhere she was asked about herself McKinnon and romance. Weiss said, “ I’ve been in love with both men and women. I’ve been ghosted by both men and women…I don’t trade on my sexual identity in that way for political points. I think that’s lame and it’s not my style.”

Weiss is looking to establish a reputation for herself outside of her sexual identity. McKinnon is an extremely private person, and has no social media presence. It’s not surprising that she hasn’t discussed Weiss very much at all. Considering Weiss has wed a few times since college, it’s safe to say she’s moved on.

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