Superman & Lois Scene Didn’t Live Up to Fans’ Expectations

You can find a subreddit devoted to “Superman & Lois,”One user posted a analysis of the barn scene, Episode 13, Season 2.”All Is Lost”). In this episode, Clark attempts to reconcile with his son Jonathan Kent (Jordan Elsass). The season had caused a rift between them, with Jon desperately wanting to be part of his super-powered family. Clark is strongly against any external power accrual. It is intended to be taken as an anti-drug stance.  The entire post is by u/Zoowok111It reads like an English essay at a college level, focusing on the motivations behind every line of writing. To allow others to follow their thoughts, they provided a transcript of the scene. The dialogue shows them as out-of-character parents. This user claims that Clark picks between his children and that Clark ignores his part in the son’s struggles.

In their final thoughts, the user wrote: “All in all, a very poor speech made all the worse by what happens afterward. From an audience perspective, I think there has been a concerted effort to broaden the divide between Clark and Jonathan this season. They put so much effort in[to] breaking them apart and very little effort in[to] repairing their relationship and I think they might have gone too far.”They added that they were highly skeptical of a satisfactory resolution being provided in the remaining moments before the finale ended.  


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