Succession Season 4 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

While there’s no way to confirm the plot of Season 4, the Season 3 finale gave a pretty good indication of where this story is heading. The three Roy children (sorry, Connor) will likely be a united front moving into, and hopefully throughout, Season 4. They all have come to see the light regarding Logan on their own time, and now it’s time to bring him down. Daddy has made it pretty obvious he could give two flips about their love (sorry, Roman) and will only ever have his best interests at heart.

Season 4 should be full of backstabbing, lying, and vengeance — we just hope it’s on all the right people. Thanks to Tom’s ultimate blindside, there will likely be a major fallout in one of the show’s most important relationships (sorry, Shiv). While she played dumb in the final minute of the finale, we don’t suspect Shiv can keep that charade up longer than the first episode of Season 4. Perhaps we can cross our fingers that this finale was misleading, and maybe Tom didn’t tip off Logan. Probably not, but whatever.

Regarding other plot points, Season 4 could see redemption for Kendall (sorry, not sorry). No one has seen more ups and downs on “Succession” than the kinda-eldest Roy son, and there is no one the audience is rooting for more. Will he eventually sit on the throne of Waystar? Will this buy-out even happen? Will Greg become the Grand Duke of Luxembourg?

Set your DVRs and keep your HBO Max subscriptions healthy through 2028 when “Succession” Season 4 debuts. Just kidding. 2023, probably.


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