Stormtroopers lead the guard of honour at Star Wars fan funeral of Darth Vader

A funeral procession was led by Darth Vader, who led an army of Stormtroopers through Derbyshire as they paid their respects to Star Wars fanatic Paul Wadley.

The 55-year old, affectionately known as “Pedge”Although he lost his battle against motor neurone disorder on Friday, December 10, he still had enough time to plan every detail of his sci fi send-off.

After lovingly replicating the movie’s iconic droid C-3PO, Wadley made a Star Wars-themed fundraising campaign. He also took the costume to many events.

The father-of-4 was a member The 99th Garrison, a fundraising group for costumes. Other members of the group participated in the jaw-dropping procession. Derby Telegraph reports.

The 99th Garrison fundraising group dressed up as characters from the franchise walked the streets in costumes

Stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters lined the path to St Oswald’s Church for Wadley’s family.

Sonja Wadley was his widow and mother to two of his children. She followed the funeral plans to the letter.

She stated: “It was absolutely perfect, just brilliant. It went exactly how he wanted it to. I think we did him proud.

Widow Sonja Wadley praised St Oswald's School and Ashbourne food bank
Widow Sonja Wadley has praised St Oswald’s School in Ashbourne and the Ashbourne food bank

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“He planned it all. He planned everything, I just had to organise it. And it went really well.”

Mrs Wadley was informed by her husband that he was suffering from the disease two years ago on Valentine’s Day. She also expressed gratitude to Ashbourne Food Bank, St Oswald’s Primary School and St Oswald’s Primary School for their support of the Wadley family as Mr Wadley’s health declined.

She stated: “I can’t thank people like the food bank and St Oswald’s School enough for all the help they’ve given us as a family, throughout Paul’s illness.

“They’ve been truly amazing. We owe them a huge thank you.


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