Steven McBee: For Richer or Lesser

Joe Millionaire: Richer or poorer? The show premiered on Fox Thursday night. The show is a rerun of Joe Millionaire’s original series that aired more than twenty years ago. There’s a big twist though, there are two men and only one of them is rich. Fans discovered that Steven McBee is the millionaire. The women on the show don’t know. Steven, then? Let’s get to know him a little bit better.

Steven McBee: Who are you?

US Weekly Here are some factsSteven McBee. Steven McBee: First, Steven stated that he had always believed that reality shows like these were fake. He discovered that reality shows like this are real after he went there and experienced it for himself. He stated that he believed it was all real. “I thought everything was always fake.” Steven continued, “I can tell you from being there, experiencing it — the chemistry and the emotions that are seen onscreen are 100 percent real.”

Steven is the president and founder of a farming operation based in Missouri called McBee Farm & Cattle Company. He’s already said he is from a small town and dating there is impossible. Professionally, he’s got it made. With a net worth of over $10 million, he’s set. Steven owns his helicopter and admits that he enjoys flying around the ranch to check on the cattle.

Steven is not only the owner of a large amount of land and cattle but also claims that his family owns some car washes. They offer guided hunts as well as hunting gear.

What do you like about him?

Steven loves country music. He’s a cowboy through and through. The season premiere gave viewers a glimpse of him wearing a cowboy hat, wranglers and going on a date to a local honky-tonk.

He loves his family and is a mama’s boy. Fans can see this on Steven’s social media account. He seems to be also very close to his brother.

Steven is a lover of the outdoors. In Instagram, it appears that he enjoys fishing. Steven is definitely a country guy.

As for what he’s looking for, the 27-year-old cowboy says he wants true love. He stated, “I’m looking for someone that’s [in it] for richer or poor, for better or worse, there’s gonna be good times and bad.” Steven continued, “Money’s going to come and go in a lifetime, but that love has to be there perpetually. And so, I’m looking for someone that shares those same values, those same morals, [who] really wants to build up a life together.”

It’s yet to be seen if Steven finds what he’s looking for. There’s still much to see in this season of Joe Millionaire: For Better and Worse Don’t forget to tune in on Thursdays on Fox.

What are your thoughts about Steven McBee thus far?


Steven McBee: For Richer or Lesser
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