Steven & Callah Spark Rumors That They Reunited

Season 1 Joe Millionaire: Richer, Poorer It was first broadcast on Fox in January. Steven McBee and Callah Jackson, his final choice, were doing fantastic. They announced their split after they bought a home in Kansas City. Fans now wonder if the couple could have been reunited. Continue reading to learn more.

Rumours fly Joe MillionaireSteven McBee & Callah Jackson are back together

Early May Joe Millionaire Steven McBee, Callah Jack announced their separation. This news was made after they had purchased a house near Kansas City. The two shared the same statement on each other’s Instagram accounts.

They stated that they decided to part ways together. Steven and Callah both noted that they tried their best to make things work. Callah and Steven agreed that it was impossible to have a healthy relationship without the help of reality television.

Fans wonder if the two of them will try again. Fans noticed that Steven and Callah both deleted their split post. Is this a sign that they are back together now?

On One spicy photo shared by Callah, a fan said she just wasn’t cut out for the farm. Callah responded that the photo was taken at farm. Steven liked Steven’s photo.

Calah Jackson, Steven McBee used with permission

Others expressed their hope that the two would be reunited. Steven and Callah have not commented. Many fans speculate that they would not reunite if they tried to keep it private.

Their relationship

Steven and Callah met of course on Joe Millionaire. Unlike The Bachelor There was no pressure on either man to propose. Instead, they made a promise to each other and told them that they would make it work in the real-world.

Callah was secretly watching Steven on the Missouri farm while the show was being aired. Soon after the finale aired they announced their plans to buy a home near Kansas City.

Steven & Callah Spark Rumors That They Reunited

They had just moved in when news broke of their split.

These two were a popular couple. It will be interesting to see if all of the speculation is correct. They’ve not posted a photo together since their split.

What do you think? Are Steven McBee, Callah Jackson still together? Stay tuned for updates as they become possible.

Steven & Callah Spark Rumors That They Reunited
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