Steve Morse, Deep Purple guitarist, steps aside from live duties

Deep Purple‘s Steve Morse has announced that he will be temporarily stepping away from live duties with the band.

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The legendary rockers were on stage again in February. Three shows in Florida marked the beginning of their 2022 dates. They’re due to head to Europe in May, June and July, with dates at festivals including Hellfest in France and Stimmen Festival in Germany.

A statement was posted to Facebook by the band confirming that Morse will be on a short break. Simon McBride will replace the guitarist for any future shows. Morse shared his own statement on Facebook, saying that he will be taking a break in order to take care his wife, who is not well.

“Today, Deep Purple announce that, due to a family matter, Steve Morse will be taking a temporary hiatus from Deep Purple live shows but remains a full member of the band,” the band’s statement read. “Steve’s replacement for the upcoming live shows in May, June and July 2022 will be guitarist Simon McBride, who has previously toured with both Ian Gillan and Don Airey amongst others.”

Morse said: “Hello, everybody. I’ve just done a few gigs with the band, after years (!?) of not playing live. It’s a bittersweet, wonderful time to get together. However, my dear wife Janine is currently battling cancer. At this point, there are so many possible complications and unknowns, that whatever time we have left in our lives, I simply must be there with her.”

Today, Deep Purple announce that, due to a family matter, Steve Morse will be taking a temporary hiatus from Deep Purple…

Published by Deep PurpleOn Thursday, March 31, 2022

He continued: “I am not leaving the band – I hope that after she gets a clean bill of health, I can re-join the tour. I do not see any possible situation in which I would be able to travel overseas. I am privileged to remain a part the Purple family tree and to enjoy the support of so many loyal and dedicated fans.

“There’s a certified world class guitarist ready to take over for the live shows whom everybody will surely be happy to hear. I appreciate all your sincere prayers for Janine and thank you all.”

Deep Purple has released their 21st studio album ‘Whoosh!’In 2020, the album will be announced with its lead single ‘Throw My Bones’.

A three-star rating was given. Camille Atebe said: “‘Whoosh!’ isn’t just a testament to their staying power, but perhaps one of the most stupidly fun and outrageously silly albums of the year – and goodness, we’re all in need of a bit of fun right now, aren’t we?”

The band are due to play the UK in October, with dates in London, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester – Tickets available here.


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