Stephen Colletti and Kristin Cavalari’s podcast debut teases one steamy question

Kristin Cavallari has previously spoken despite their history Grazia about the nature of her relationship with Stephen Colletti today, and it seems the two are friends more than anything. She said that her relationship with Stephen Colletti was similar to that of her friend. “brother and sister.” However, something said on the debut episode of “Back to the Beach”This might make fans question the truth. 

Cavallari was reminiscing about the Laguna Beach reunion dinner with their exes when he asked Colletti if they could share what had happened. At first, Colletti laughed. “We danced on tables.”Cavallari said that he was not going to keep his fans in suspense. “We may or may not have kissed.”Colletti was coy and asked, “Did we?”Before Cavallari laughed “I can’t remember.”Cavallari later claimed that she’d “let [Colletti] decide”If he would like to share, “the rest of the story,”Something tells me that her memory isn’t so foggy.

The outcome was less hazy for both sides. InstagramCavallari posted a picture of herself sitting on the lap of her ex-boyfriend that night. Colletti explained that the response to the image was so overwhelming that it had been retracted. “basically shut down my phone for a full day.” Cavallari’s response? Cavallari offered a quick apology and promised to buy him dinner. A simple request from “Laguna Beach” fans, far and wide: next time, remember the details – and share them with us, too!


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