Star Wars Veteran and Fan Favorite Will Return To Star Wars For Tales Of The Jedi

Filoni stated that there would be six episodes. “Tales of the Jedi.”Three will be devoted to Jedi Ahsoka Tanos, while three others will be about Count Dooku, the Jedi turned Sith who was played by Christopher Lee during the prequels.

Dooku’s Jedi years will be the time of his stories, prior to the events of the prequels. Dooku’s padawan in that time was Quigon Jinn. Filoni confirmed that Quigonn would be appearing on the cover of The Guardian. “Tales of the Jedi,”He also revealed that Liam Neeson would voice the character. Neeson previously brought him to life in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.”Filoni said that one of Liam Neeson’s children will also be portraying a younger version.

Filoni stated that Qui-Gonn was his favorite character while discussing his interpretation. “Tales of the Jedi”Will remain as free-thinking as he has always been.

“Everyone tells [Qui-Gonn], ‘Just do what the council says,’ and he’s doing everything else,” Filoni said. “He doesn’t worry about those things because he’s trying to get to the selfless truth of the things. He’s not afraid to love because he does not possessively love. And that’s something that the Jedi of the prequel era and their involvement in politics have forgotten.”

No premiere date for “Tales of the Jedi”It has been confirmed, so keep checking back for updates.


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