Star Wars fans all agree with the Andor teaser trailer

Based on the comments left on the trailer, it seems that there are some good people watching. YouTube videoOur first glimpse into the world of ‘Star Trek: Beyond The Skylines’ has elicited excitement from fans. “Andor.”The show’s grittiness and cinematic feel are special points of excitement. It also focuses on the Galactic Empire and its machinations. “This trailer looks like it’s for a movie,”The Lore Master, “also love that we finally get to see a glimpse of the Imperial Senate for the first time.”

Commenters were also interested in the possibility of fleshing out the connections between the prequels, and the original trilogy. Because “Andor”This will take place less than a decade prior to the Battle of Yavin “A New Hope,”It is possible to create more ties between the two parts of the franchise. GenefactoR wrote, “Looks like we are going to witness a lot of really cool things, one being the transition from clones to stormtroopers.”Russdeezy’s comment made it clear that Rebel Alliance fans are eager to see the story.

It also seemed to provide a lot of relief. “Star Wars”Fans are receiving something completely new. The word “nostalgia”was often mentioned more than once, usually disapprovingly when compared to the times when the universe invents and provides us something that we have never seen before. “Honestly, this doesn’t feel too much like a Star Wars movie, but instead a very interesting sci-fi action movie on its own that I’ll be very interested in seeing,” Coddy Vuu wrote. “And that’s what [I] love when movies related to Star Wars [are] done right.”

We’ll have to wait to learn more until August 31st. Importantly, the series was already renewed for a second-season.


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