Star of “RHOSLC”, Skips Reunion. Unlikely To Return for Season 3

One of the stars in RHOSLCThe reunion taping was cancelled this week. Does that mean the Bravolebrity won’t return for Season 3 of  the show? For all the details, keep reading. 

Andy Cohen teases RHOSLC reunion taping 

Bravo executive Andy Cohen requested that Twitter users submit questions to the Bravo host in late 2021. RHOSLCReunion taping with Housewives. He posted hints about the reunion to his Instagram Stories in the first week. He shared a series of video clips that gave insight into who made it to the reunion – and who didn’t show up. 

Cohen also mentioned the seating arrangements of Season 2 stars. The seating arrangements at the reunion are important, as viewers will know. The host can have two guests at the reunion. 

RHOSLC cast via YouTube

A lot of viewers are able to predict which Housewives will be asked back in the next season based upon how close they are to Andy Cohen. 

Bravoholics took to Twitter to review the video clips and determine who was closest to Andy. He shared short clips with several to share his banter. RHOSLC stars, though the videos didn’t show their faces. Fans speculate that Andy and Jen Shah are sitting next to Lisa Barlow on opposite sides. 

Meredith Marks also had a brief conversation with him. 

Credit: Andy Cohen/Instagram
Credit: Andy Cohen/Instagram

RHOSLC star skips reunion 

But, there was only one RHOSLCStar was absent from the reunion. Andy Cohen confirmed on his Instagram Stories that Mary Cosby didn’t attend the reunion. Page Six reported that sources claim that Cosby didn’t want to address the accusations of racism or being a cult leader. 

“She was terrified of getting grilled about her ‘racist’ comments made toward Jennie [Nguyen] and Jen [Shah]. She also did not want to discuss the accusations that she runs a cult,”According to an insider. 

During a recent episode, Cosby came under fire for admiring Jennie’s “slanted eyes.”She has previously compared Jen Shah to “Mexican thugs.” 

The church leader is also under scrutiny due to claims that she’s a cult leader. 

She will be fired if she skips. 

Bravo long-time viewers will know that skipping a reunion in the franchise is a big no. Adrienne Maloof (RHOBH,)Jacqueline LauritaRHONJ,) Lisa Vanderpump (RHOBH) skipped reunions and didn’t return for the next season. 

With many viewers calling for Mary Cosby’s firing after making racist comments, it seems unlikely Bravo will bring her back for Season 3. 

Although the network has not yet confirmed a renewal, insiders claim that Season 3 will begin filming in this month. 

Are you sure Mary Cosby will be fired for her inability to attend the event? RHOSLC reunion? Comment below to share your thoughts. 

Season 2 RHOSLCContinues airing on Sundays on Bravo The network hasn’t revealed an air date for the reunion yet. 

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