Squid Game: What Games Would Have Been Played If It Was British


Squid Game fans have been discussing which British games of death its participants would be forced to play if it was set in the UK.

The dystopian series pits its debt-ridden contestants against each other in a series of childhood games, kicking off with Red Light Green Light; it’s a bit like What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?, except instead of getting chased back to the start line, they get riddled with bullets.

While the show’s violence, tone and overall style is distinctly like many K-dramas, the concept could easily be lifted and dropped into other countries, like the UK. Care to put your life on the line for a game of KerPlunk, anyone?

The brainstorming was sparked by Twitter user @dondadabossman, who tweeted, ‘If Squid Game was being played in the country you live in, what games do you think you’d have to play?’

Naturally, a few from the US and UK have mixed. ‘Can you imagine the chaos of musical chairs when your life is on the line,’ one user wrote. ‘Duck duck goose would be crazy,’ another suggested. ‘Richard Osman’s House of Games and if you get the Answer Smash wrong you die,’ a third wrote. ‘F*ck, can y’all imagine a Squid Game version of TWISTER?’ another wrote.

Let’s think of some games: British Bulldog – or Red Rover, as it was known in some schools which tried and failed to ban it – would definitely be the first game, wouldn’t it? Easy way to weed out the weak; establishes the brutes, the speedy ones and who’s more tactical.

Somehow, you’d have a game of heads down thumbs up where people lose their thumbs and/or their heads. Conkers would likely be involved. There could also be a deathly game of hide and seek, rounders and dodgeball. If we’re going down the football route, imagine playing kerby or cuppy with your life on the line?

Then we could bring in the school sports day games: the egg and spoon race; the three-legged race; or even the sack race.

Finally, we can’t neglect the potential for using the playground: you could have an endurance test across a massive set of monkey bars, or you could have a race up a giant version of one of those rope pyramids.

We don’t need an English-language remake of Squid Game – but with a second season, the creators could incorporate so much more. Let the games begin.


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