Squid Game: Man’s Cookie Challenge Effort Is Seriously Impressive


A TikToker has impressed Squid Game fans after sharing his attempts at the surprisingly difficult dalgona cookie challenge. 

In theory, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get a perfectly shaped cookie out of its surrounding dough, especially when the shape has already been laid out, but fans of Netflix’s hit series will know that’s definitely not the case in practice with dalgona cookies.

The series shows desperate contestants try in vain to remove a pre-cut cookie from a honeycomb substance, working under the pressure that if they lose, they die, but no matter how careful they may be, sometimes the brittle substance just refuses to work in their favour.

TikToker attempts cookie challenge (@bayashi.tiktok/TikTok)@bayashi.tiktok/TikTok

The simplicity of the challenge has inspired a number of social media users to try it out for themselves, with TikToker Bayashi among those navigating intricate shapes to see if they could live to see another game.

A quick look at Bayashi’s TikTok page indicates he’s tried to complete the challenge multiple times – something he wouldn’t be able to do in Squid Game – but it’s one attempt in particular that has caught the attention of millions.

The clip sees Bayashi take a lighter to a needle to heat it up before he begins carefully cutting away at the honeycomb, a sneaky move first demonstrated by one of the players on Squid Game. With the hot metal swiftly cutting through the sweet, his efforts prove successful.

The TikToker demonstrated his completion of the challenge by holding the freshly-cut star to the camera, but after chowing down on the cookie he depicted himself falling victim to one of the worker’s gunshots. The footage of his effort has racked up more than 58 million views at the time of writing, October 7, as well as almost 10 million likes from impressed viewers.

Though Bayashi did manage to complete the challenge once – albeit with the help of a lighter – his other efforts have proved much less successful, with one showing him smashing the honeycomb on the table while others show the star splitting under pressure.

If Bayashi really were a player in Squid Game, just one failed attempt would see him wiped from the game, but by limiting his efforts to TikTok he thankfully is always able to make a return to continue entertaining viewers.


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