Spotify Wrapped 2021 Latest News

According to producer, being filmed is the key to success for a Spotify newcomer.

She asks Daniel Nigro, her producer, to film her singing.

It was difficult for him to understand at first. “I’m a person who buckles under pressure,”He elaborates. “When you put me on camera, all of a sudden, I get in my brain and can’t perform.

“But with Olivia, it’s the exact opposite. You’d say, ‘OK, we’re filming you, people are watching’, and all of a sudden she gives the performance of a lifetime. It became a bit of a joke between us.”

There is logic in her approach. Rodrigo began her career as an actress in Disney’s Bizaardvark and then became a star in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. When the red light is on, she’s used switching to performance mode.

“Acting definitely comes into play for me when I’m recording,”She admits it. She admits that she is addicted to it.

“I think that makes the performance on the eventual record so much more impactful.”


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