Spider Sighting and a Shower Mishap Lead to Tension in Exclusive Clip

Things continue to get wild on discovery+’s new series Love Off The Grid, and fan-favorite couple Jen and Charlie are hitting a few snags after moving in together. In an exclusive clip ahead of Sunday, Jan. 6’s episode, Jen struggles to adapt to life off the grid in Charlie’s remote North Carolina cabin. While the lack of bathroom privacy can be assuaged with some homemade breakfast from Charlie, a clogged water pipe makes showering impossible for Jen. 

Not only that, but a massive spider decides to join her in the shower. Charlie declares that love can conquer anything, but an unwanted arachnid certainly makes things a bit less cozy. 

Jen and Charlie originally met years earlier when her family was vacationing at the resort where he worked, and what started as a vacation romance sparked a real relationship that ended in real heartbreak. “I packed my stuff and drove out of the yard with him standing in the road,” Jen shared during the streamer’s TCA presentation. Jen moved on – married, had four sons, and divorced – but was shocked to find the connection with her former flame was just as strong when they reunited at his sister’s wedding so many years later.

There’s only one issue – Charlie has been on and off the grid for two or three years, living on 140 acres of family land where he wants to “finish [his] life.” But can this Florida mom of four make her life fit into his wilderness way? Jen was tempted to “shut the door” on her feelings for Charlie after he walked back into her life due to his lifestyle, but she said she “wanted to give Charlie and I a real chance.”

Off-the-grid life isn’t completely without its charms, however. “I really love the fact that a lot of distractions are gone from my life,” Jen said, sharing just how amazing it was to unplug and be in the moment, away from all the things she felt like she has to do living back in civilization. 

From the creators of 90-Day Fiancé, Love Off the Grid follows four couples who believe that they have found their true loves. However, one person in each couple is devoted to the off-the-grid lifestyle, while the other is used to modern amenities. Love Off the Grid will show these city-dwellers attempting to live off the land, including hunting, trapping, fishing, and foraging for their food. They have to fix or make anything they need. Will these four couples make It through this ultimate test? Love Off the Grid streams new episodes Sundays on discovery+.


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