Spencer Pratt Admits He Told Brody Jenner to “Fake” Date Lauren Conrad

Apparently, truth, time⁠ and Spencer Pratt⁠Tell all.

The Hills alum didn’t hold back about the iconic MTV reality show during his latest appearance on Spotify’s Call her Daddy podcast, telling host Alex CooperThat he was in fact the mastermind behind frenemy Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner‘s on-screen relationship. According to Spencer, he set Brody up with the fashion designer to “better” her storyline on the show.

Describing LC as a “nice girl,” Spencer recalled, “It was all good, to the point where I talked Brody into breaking up with Nicole Richie to fake double-date with LC.”

The reality star went on to explain that by having Brody “break up with his celebrity, superstar girlfriend” to date Lauren, he was being a “teammate” for The Hills cast. “Everyone wins,” said Spencer, who, by then, was dating Lauren’s friend (and now wife) Heidi Montag. “I wanted all of us to win.” 

To drum up public interest in Lauren’s love life, Spencer said he tipped the paparazzi off about their double date so their photos would land in the tabloids. However, his plan backfired he remembered Lauren becoming angry at himFor the stunt. “All due respect to LC,”He noted that “she’d never been in a tabloid until I unlocked that for her.” 


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