Speed was likely to have caused the crash that resulted in the death of 3 and sent 7 others to Winnetka Hospital: LAPD

Investigators believe speed was the main factor in the rollover accident that resulted in three deaths and seven other people being hospitalized in Winnetka on Sunday night.

According to Captain Andrew Neiman of Los Angeles Police Department, the crash took place at 9:59 p.m. when a Ford Explorer dark-colored and older model was travelling eastbound on Vanowen Street east of Corbin Avenue.

“The speed limit here is 35 mph. Preliminarily, we believe that this Ford Explorer must have been going in the range of somewhere close to 65 or 70 mph. Way too fast,”Neiman stated.

Investigators discovered that the Explorer experienced a significant dip near the intersection with Corbin. It was also out of control because of the speed at which it was traveling.

The truck then moved into the westbound lanes. It collided with another Toyota Tacoma truck carrying four people. Neiman said that after rolling over a few times, it hit a third vehicle with two people.

After being ejected from their Explorer, three of the four passengers died.

The fourth passenger was wearing his seatbelt and was brought to the hospital. “remarkably very minor injuries at this time,”Neiman stated.

None of the occupants were identified.

The injuries sustained by the four passengers in the Toyota were not life-threatening and they were taken to the hospital.  

Neiman also reported that a pregnant lady and her husband, who were travelling in the third vehicle, were both admitted to hospital but are expected to be fine.

“At his point it appears that speed is the primary collision factor of this tragedy,”Neiman warned drivers not to travel at excessive speeds, “Get home safe.”


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