South L.A.: Pursuit ends in violent 3-vehicle accident

An investigation into a stolen vehicle resulted in a three-vehicle accident in South Los Angeles, police said.

According to LAPD Detective Aguilar, the chase began just before 1 AM in the Florence neighborhood at the intersection of San Pedro and 82nd streets.

The pursuit ended after about 30 minutes. It was over when the car crashed into Florence Avenue and Main Street. 

The suspect, who was driving the vehicle alone, was taken into police custody and taken to hospital. Although no information was available about his condition, Aguilar said he’s expected to be OK. 

In addition to the drivers and passengers of two vehicles, four other people were also injured in the collision.

Directly after the crash, video showed officers with guns drawn and aiming at a Kia totaled in the roadway.

A man was found lying on the ground near a second vehicle that had suffered severe damage. His hood collapsed and he ended up on the sidewalk. The man was eventually taken to the hospital.

An additional vehicle was visible behind officers who were hiding behind their cruisers.

Officers finally approached the Kia, pulled out a male and handcuffed him to the ground.

Authorities have not yet identified the suspect and there are no additional details.


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