South L.A.: Family of murder victims in 2008. Hopes attention leads to arrests

George Gascon, Los Angeles County District Attorney, hopes that new attention will be paid to the case of the two young men who were murdered in 2008. This will allow detectives to find new leads that will lead them to an arrest in this cold case.

Clifford Hibbert, Jr., 22 and Kenneth Patterson, 23 were killed in a shooting at Figueroa Street, South Los Angeles, more than a decade ago. Investigators believe they had just been dropped at Vermont Square apartments when shots were fired.

However, no arrests were made in this case. Detectives believe that someone might have information that could lead the way to an arrest.

Gascon was joined by family members for a Monday press conference. They urged all those with information to come forward.

“We’re here today to bring to light, to remind the public and the community that we have not forgotten,”Ayanna Parker, Hibbert’s sister, said this: “Whoever the perpetrators are, the cowards, they will not get away.”

Hibbert’s mother called her son a friend to his community as well as “an uncle, a brother, a grandson, and a mentor.”

The family created itEncouragement ProjectThis organization is dedicated to helping those who have suffered loss.

Los Angeles Police Department is asking anyone with information on the murders Patterson and Hibbert to call 1-877-527-3243. You can also send anonymous tips online


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