Solar storm’sideswipes’ Earth, causing strong radio blackouts over Atlantic Ocean & Europe

SOLAR flare, that’s just “side-swiped”Radio blackouts were caused by Earth’s activity over Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceWeather experts confirmed that the radiation from the flare had reached Earth’s atmosphere and affected our planet’s technology.


There are many spots on the sun where solar flares can be emitted, sending high-charge particles into space.Credit: Getty

Experts“An active Sunspot is emerging above the Sun’s southeast limb.

“It declared itself today with anX1.1-class solar flare (May 3rd @ 1325 UTUT).”

They also added: “Radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a strong shortwave radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean and Europe.”

Some signals were reduced by more than an hour.

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All signals appear to be normal now.

A solar flare can cause damage to the Earth’s magnetic fields and interfere with radio communications.

Each solar storm that hits Earth has a severity rating, but this one was minor.

Solar storms aren’t considered to be dangerous for humans on Earth.

These are important points to remember for astronauts if they plan on going into space.

The International Space Station protects astronauts from dangerous solar radiation.

Solar storms may also confuse migrating mammals that depend on the Earth’s magnetic fields for direction.

Solar storms can produce beautiful natural light displays such as the Northern Lights.

These natural light displays, also known as auroras, are caused by the Earth’s magnetic field being bombarded with the sun’s radiation. This creates beautiful green and blue colors.

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While the Earth’s magnet field helps protect us from more severe consequences of solar radiation, it is not able to stop all of them.

1989 saw a powerful solar eruption that hurled so many electrons at Earth that the Canadian Province Quebec lost power for nine hour.

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