SoCal Tennis Court a Symbolic Backdrop for Beyoncé’s Oscar Performance – Los Angeles

During the Oscars Sunday night, both musical and athletic royalty were present — tennis court.

Beyoncé, the most Grammy-winning female artist in historyShe performed her song. “Be Alive”Oscar-nominated film “King Richard”For the 94th Academy Awards, this is a story about the Williams sisters, tennis legends, and their father’s rise to fame. It was a spectacular visual performance that paid tribute to SoCal history as well as Black culture.

The exact details of Beyoncé’s contribution to the Oscars broadcast, in singing her first-ever nominated song, were kept a secret up until Venus and Serena Williams walked on stage to introduce the Best Original Song nominee.

“This is where we truly came alive as young athletes,” Serena Williams statedAs she told Oscar attendees, the performance would take places in Compton

The performance was itself a celebration for the community and Serena Williams’ contributions to the city.

It opened with a group composed of young women walking the streets. One was riding a horse, as a tribute to the fallen. Compton Cowboys, a community group dedicated to fighting negative stereotypes about Black people by horseback riding.

Beyoncé and her backup singers, dancers and musicians also all wore a bright shade of tennis-ball-yellow, matching the backdrop placed over the tennis court itself.

This tennis court is located in Leuders ParkIt was Walking distance from Venus Williams and Serena Williams childhood homeThey were born in, where their father taught them how to play tennis.

They were then on the right track to become some of the most decorated and skilled tennis players in the world. The two had won 22 titles and 14 Grand Slam titles by November 2021.

Despite their achievements, Venus and Serena continue to face racism and sexism as public figures.

2016 was a year that Venus and Serena Williams returned home to Compton, to go back to their roots in Los Angeles County. The tennis courts were renamed.They were honored to be named the “Venus & Serena Williams Court of Champions.”

Beyoncé’s song made for a poignant tribute that connected all of that history to the themes of family and Black pride in “King Richard.”

Lyrics for the song include: “This is hustle personified,” “Do you know how much we have pride? / How hard we have to fight?”

Dixon co-wrote the track with Dixon. However, it was ultimately defeated by James Bond’s theme “No Time To Die”It was designed by Billie Eilish, Finneas, and it still impressed at the awards ceremony.

“It’s incredible,”Serena Williams spoke before the Oscars.


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