SoCal residents are alerted to fuel thieves’ attempts at drilling into gas tanks

Police are warning Southern California residents about thieves drilling into residents’ gas tanks to steal fuel from their cars.

“With the sharp and fast price rise at the gas pumps, cities across Southern California have seen an increase in gas theft,”Fontana Police Department made the statement days after arresting two suspects in Bloomington.

Police on June 8 were initially called to a Shakey’s Pizza parking lot due to reports of suspects in a black pickup truck with a tarp in back stealing gasoline from a car.

Officers arrived to find the suspects absent from the scene, but the vehicle was found in a nearby area.

When police tried to contact the driver, the truck flew and a chase ensued.

Police said that the chase ended at Bloomington’s railroad yard a few minutes later. The incident was recorded and posted to YouTube Fontana Police Department’s Facebook page.

Both suspects were taken into custody after a foot chase.

Police found that neither the suspects were San Bernardino County residents and that they each had outstanding arrest warrants.

Police Department asked the public to keep an eye out for similar thieves who steal gas.

Police say that modern day thieves are more likely to use power tools than rubber hoses to siphon fuel from gas tanks.  

“The cost of damage to the gas tank far exceeds that of the gasoline, and we recommend that you park your vehicle in a garage or well-lit and high-traveled area to help deter would-be thieves,”According to the Police Department.

Residents were asked to dial 911 if there was any suspicious activity around their vehicle.


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