SoCal Gas Prices Surge to New Record Highs – Los Angeles

On Saturday, the average cost of a gallon self-serve regular gasoline rose 2.8 cents to $6.126. This was on the first day for Memorial Day weekend.

According to the AAA and Oil Price Information Service figures, the average price was 2.9 cents higher than a week ago, 34.8cents higher over a month ago, and $1.919 less than a year ago.

Orange County’s average price rose 3.4 cents to $6.101, a new record. It’s 2.5 cents higher than one week ago, 38.1 Cents higher than one month ago, and $1.942 more than one year ago.

Below are the average prices for a gallon regular unleaded gasoline in SoCal, as of Saturday afternoon. AAA:

  • Los Angeles County: $6.127
  • Orange County: $6.103
  • Ventura County: $6.092
  • Riverside County: $6.006
  • San Bernardino County: $6.025

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 24, 2013, the average price of Los Angeles County has gone up $1.33 “sent shock waves through the oil market that have kept oil costs elevated,”Andrew Gross, a AAA national public relations manager, said the following: Orange County’s average price has risen $1.324.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that crude oil costs account for about half of the pump prices. The remaining price includes gasoline components, production costs and distribution costs, overhead expenses for all involved in production and distribution, sales, taxes, and carbon offset fees paid by California refineries.

The record-breaking $4.601 was achieved by the national average price. This is a two-tenth of a penny increase. In the past 19 days, the national average has broken records 16 times.


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