SNL Rejected The Iconic Comedian

The man who would become a billionaire was indeed the man. “Ace Ventura”It seems that you were not able to land the coveted job. “Saturday Night Live”He failed to book the gig no matter what he tried. It wasn’t for lack of trying, either, as Jim Carrey reportedly auditioned for the legendary sketch series on two separate occasions, failing to book the gig both times (per Showbiz Cheatsheet). Carrey is open and honest about booking gigs. “SNL”His stories have been told over the years. “SNL”During multiple interviews, audition woes can be a problem. 

Carrey was especially open to the subject during a 2014 appearance. The Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman asked him about his desire to be on the show and he responded. “Saturday Night Live.” “Oh yeah. I wanted to really badly,”Carrey was quick to answer. Carrey answered without hesitation when asked if he auditioned. He explained that one of his auditions took place under a cloud of near cosmic doom. “I went to NBC in Burbank, and it was a really important day for me.”Carrey was not pleased with the way he was treated. He also heard someone screaming. “Don’t do it! Don’t jump!”The moment he got out of his car.

The actor said that he looked up to find an employee of the station poised for a fall from the roof. Amid the ugly scene, the rubber-faced funnyman claims he said to himself, “This is not gonna go well.”Carrey also stated that he couldn’t concentrate during auditions because he was worried about what would happen to the employee.  


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