Sneakily breastfeeding his daughter by his mother-in-law, Dad catches Mother-In Law

After noticing that his daughter was not receiving formula milk, a man caught his wife breastfeeding his baby girl of four months. 

He was shocked to discover that his mother-in law often sneaked into the bedroom of his daughter and tried breastfeeding him. She didn’t feel guilty when he confronted them. 

Reddit was the place where the man shared his story to get advice from others. His mother-in-law did not regret his decision to breastfeed his child. 

He was concerned that his mother-inlaw wouldn’t give his daughter formula milk. | Source: Unsplash

Before moving on to the main story the man ShareHis wife Anne died shortly after giving birth to their son, Sammy. He had taken a 3-month paternity break before Sammy was due.

He dedicated his leave to looking after his newborn daughter. He did all he could to make sure Sammy didn’t miss her mother.

He asked his mother-in law to find a nanny to care for his daughter while he was away on leave. 

His wife was a complicated pregnant and died shortly after giving birth.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

His surprise was rewarded by his mother-in law offering to babysit Sammy during his absence. He offered her to help, but she said that he would hire someone to watch him during the day. 

The man was terrified by what she said next.

The man agreed when the lady insisted on not hiring a nanny and allowing her to look after her granddaughter. He gave her a copy the house keys and asked that she arrive before he left to work. 

His mother-in law said that she would take care of the child.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

She arrived at his home thirty minutes prior to his departure for work and ate dinner with him. She cared for the baby, who was four months old, without asking for anything in return.

Everything was going smoothly until the man noticed the baby’s formula milk looked unaltered. He believed that the milk powder level would decrease after one week. However, it was the exact same. 

He noticed that the milk powder tin had not been opened.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

Confused, he asked the mother-in-law. He was shocked by the next words she spoke. He had no idea that his mother-inlaw would attempt to breastfeed Sammy. He Submitted:

“At first, I thought she was joking, then I realized she wasn’t.” 

She explained to the man that Sammy must be kept awake at all times so that her body can produce milk. After seeing what was happening behind him, the man became furious. He told his mother in law immediately that what she was doing was unacceptable. 

His mother-inlaw stated that she was breastfeeding the baby.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

The woman was shocked at his reaction and decided not to breastfeed Sammy again. The man spotted her breastfeeding Sammy a few days later when he entered the bedroom unannounced. He Recalled

“I confronted her and told her she’s no longer my baby’s nanny.”

He didn’t ask her to return her house keys, as he had requested that she visit her granddaughter whenever she desired. He didn’t know he should have asked her for the keys.

He saw her nursing the child.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

After taking a week off work, the man began to look for a nanny that could care for Sammy while he was away. He hired a nanny, but after two days she did not return. 

Confounded, he called her up and asked why she didn’t show up the third time. He told her that his father was the one who had called her. “mother”On the second day, she was fired. 

After an investigation, the man found that his mother in law had come to his house and fired his nanny. Just as he was about calling her, she walked in the front door smiling, eager to meet her granddaughter.

He had already hired a nanny.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

He asked her about her nanny and she replied that she had fired her because he had employed an incompetent person. She felt that the woman was not taking proper care of her baby. 

The man refused to believe her story and demanded that she leave the house. Because he was afraid she would breastfeed again, he wouldn’t let her go near his child. 

His mother in law refused to speak out and threatened to call Child Protection Services as she felt he was putting his child at risk by letting an incompetent babysitter take care of him. 

He reached out to the nanny, and was informed that someone had fired her.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

Following an argument, the man called the cops and filed a complaint against his mother-in-law for trespassing. He thought this was the only way she would leave her home. 

He was contacted by his brother and sister-inlaw days later. They informed him that his mother had been upset and had called him. “ruthless”For not allowing her the opportunity to meet her daughter’s late child. 

The man began to doubt his actions after hearing the words and decided to call the cops. He PostHis story in the “AITA”Reddit forum for asking others if they were at fault. 

He called the police to report his mother-in law.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

“Her trying to breastfeed your daughter without your permission is gross and completely wrong. Beyond that, she FIRED YOUR NANNY?”Redditor Sprinkles 

Redditor continues to be active. Rogue_Darkholme AskThe man suggested that he change the locks. He also said that his mother-in law might have made copies. She suggested that he instruct the nanny not permit anyone to enter the home.  

“Get cameras for your home,”Redditor No_Performance8733 Please reply. Redditor vrcraftauthor AskThe man would like to be able to move out without having to give the new address his mother-in law. 

Redditor on the other side Head_Photograph9572 BlamedAfter discovering that his daughter was trying to breastfeed, he let his mother-in law approach the baby. Redditors were divided on the issue. Most believed that his mother in law was responsible for his daughter’s breastfeed attempts. 

Reddit was the first place he turned to to see if others were at fault.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Questions to think about:

Is it possible that the man could have done other things instead of calling the police on him?

Some might feel that he went too far calling the police. He could have done more to help his mother-in law understand what he was doing wrong. He wouldn’t have gotten her to turn against him if that had happened. 

Is it okay to breastfeed a child after the mother dies?

It is possible that his mother-in-law thought about breastfeeding her child for its health benefits. If the mother dies, some people may think that it’s okay to breastfeed a baby. It is important to get permission from the father if the woman does not want to breastfeed. Others might disagree. Which do you think?

This story is about a woman who pierced her granddaughter’s ears to fulfill her daughter-in law’s wishes. 

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