Sneak Peek: Ethan Plath is Depressed & Olivia Scared in Sneak Peek

A new trailer for Plathville is your homeSeason 4 Episode 3 shows Ethan Plath depressed. Olivia, his wife has become very worried by this. So, what’s going on between the two of them? Read on to find out all about it.

This article includes details from Plathville is your home Season 4. If you haven’t watched the first couple of episodes yet, you may wish to skip this article. 

You may know that Ethan, Olivia, Moriah, and Nathan (Olivia’s brother) are living in Tampa. They moved to Tampa from Cairo, where Ethan & Moriah were born, and started a new, better life.

As they’ve adjusted to their new rental house and become acquainted with the area, Ethan hasn’t quite found his place yet. The next episode of the show gives viewers a peek into Ethan’s emotions and how he’s doing.

Plathville is your homePreview: Olivia worries about Ethan Plath’s wife.

Monday, May 30 TLC shared an updated clipFrom Plathville is your home TLC’s new episode will air on Tuesday, May 31, at 11:59 PM. Ethan Plath and Olivia have a chat about what they want to do. 

Ethan loves cars, and has worked in auto shops for many years. However, he hasn’t found a great opportunity since they moved to Tampa. This has left him depressed because he’s truly passionate about cars. 

Ethan Plath Instagram
Ethan Plath Instagram

Ethan Plath may consider returning to Cairo for work on cars. Because they are renting a home in Tampa, he argues that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put money into a garage on their property. He suggests that he considers working in Cairo. This would be better for his financial situation. 

Olivia is expressing her concerns with this plan. She’s afraid that him going back to Cairo will remind him of what he lost there and just want to move back there. She worries that this could have a negative impact on their relationship.Although she says that she supports her husband’s love of cars, this is not always the case. 

In the clip, Olivia talks about how Ethan Plath’s mom, Kim, has tried to separate them in the past. If he travels to Cairo, it could be the same thing.

You can Enjoy the new clipYou can find Olivia and Ethan here.

So, will you be watching the new episode of TLC’s Plathville is your home? What do YOU think of the preview? Leave your comments below. Keep checking back. Television Shows AceFor more Olivia and Ethan news, click here. TLC airs new episodes Tuesdays.

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