Smoke Advisory Issued Due to Laguna Niguel Fire, Air Quality – Los Angeles

Due to the fire in coastal Orange County, parts of Southern California will be under smoke advisory Thursday.

After Wednesday’s Coastal Fire, which scorched more than 200 acres and decimated homes in Laguna Niguel, the South Coast Air Quality Management District issued an advisory.

Winds are pushing smoke towards the south and west, which can be seen for miles along Orange and LA county coastlines.

The SCAQMD recorded good to moderate levels of air quality Wednesday evening in Mission Viejo Aliso Viejo Laguna Niguel. According to the SCAQMD the air quality is expected to remain moderately good, with the exception of areas near the fire, where unhealthy conditions may persist for several hours.

Other areas of South Orange County could also be affected by this fire that continues with zero containment.

SCAQMD advises people who see smoke or smell ash to keep their exposure to it to a minimum. This includes staying indoors with all windows and doors shut or seeking shelter elsewhere.

Here are more wildfire safety tips South Coast AQMD’s Wildfire Smoke & Ash Health & Safety Tips page.


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