Sketchy Insider Claims Julia Roberts’ Marriage Apparently On ‘Life Support’ After Solo Appearance

Do you have Julia Roberts Danny ModerHave you hit a rough patch in your marriage? One report claims that the couple, who have been married for 20 years, is having trouble keeping their marriage together. Let’s check in on the movie-making couple.

Julia Roberts Keeps Her Distance from Hubby

The latest edition of Us Weekly According to reports, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder celebrated their 20th anniversary apart. According to the article, the couple’s marriage is on “life support”Roberts is busy in New York filming a new movie. Apparently, even when Roberts had some time off, Moder didn’t come keep her company. “They are very much leading separate lives,”An insider’s view. “They keep in touch, but it’s only to discuss their kids.”

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Sources insist Roberts has been grappling with trust issues in her and Moder’s time apart, and it’s started to poison their marriage. “They love each other,”The tipper begins. “but they have things to resolve—and tensions that have not gone away.”

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder ‘Leading Separate Lives’?

Bravo! Us WeeklyRoberts, however, is making sure that everyone knows she is still devoted to her husband. To mark her and Moder’s 20 years together, the Notting Hill A beautiful picture of Moder and actress was posted. “TWENTY,”Roberts wrote the captions and added the hashtags “#can’tstopsmiling” “#can’tstopkissing.”

And when it really comes down to it, there’s just no evidence to suggest things are tense between Roberts and Moder. The couple has spent a PDA-filled 20 years together, and they’ve raised three beautiful children by each other’s side. So, no, Roberts’ weekend alone in New York doesn’t mean anything in our book. Whether or not they spent their special day together, they’ve spent 20 years together and Roberts clearly feels good about that—so who is this tabloid to contradict her?

Gossip About Roberts’ Marriage

It looks amazing! Us Weekly I support Danny Moder and Julia Roberts failing. Despite lacking a shred of evidence that their marriage has ever been in trouble, the magazine has reported time and time again that they’re on the verge. In 2019, Roberts left Moder to make way for George Clooney. Then, earlier this year, the publication alleged Roberts and Moder’s marriage was in crisis. The rag also claimed Roberts was worried about Moder’s marriage by feigning with a co star. Obviously, Us Weekly This sleeping dog should not be left to lie.


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