Sixth Street Bridge Closed Until Further Notice – Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that the Sixth Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles will remain closed until further notice, “due to criminal activity and public safety concern.”

Sunday’s closing of The Sixth Street Viaduct resulted in the Los Angeles Police Department declaring that it was being closed for a third consecutive night. “illegal activity.”

The $588 million bridge, which opened to the public on July 10, was also closed overnight Saturday due to a traffic collision involving a pickup parked in a no-parking zone that was struck by another vehicle.

Police made several arrests after street takeovers and other unruly behavior temporarily shut down the bridge Friday night. Michel Moore, Police Chief, said that in two cases people were pointing lasers at officers.

“After a 2-hour closure, the bridge was opened”Late Friday, the central division tweeted “@centraldivision” “In less than one hour, 200 people came to the street for a street takeover and fireworks. The weekend will see maximum enforcement.

Moore tweeted one word Saturday “Unacceptable.”

Some have called the bridge mishaps made-for social media or Instagrammable escapades meant to draw attention and entertain followers.

According to Rosario Cervantes (LAPD Officer), the bridge was closed for two hours Friday evening due to a collision at 9:55 PM.

Cervantes stated that no arrests were made. The Central Division tweeted that anyone parking their vehicle on the bridge will have it cited or towed. Also, anyone at a bridge takeover will get cited.


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