Single Dad works 4 jobs to feed his family, but a stranger shows up to reward him on Father’s Day

A single dad worked day in, day out to provide for his family. He was not afraid to take on more responsibility and made untold sacrifices for his family. He was moved to tears when a surprise came his way. 

A parent’s love and devotion to their children cannot be measured. When we think about parental love, our first thought is often that of a mother’s dedication to her children. We tend to forget the father’s love for his children. It only gets deeper with time. 

Capes don’t always belong to heroes. Many children love capes. Their fathers are their first heroesA father’s sacrifice, kindness, patience and faithfulness are unmatched and make them role models. We are sharing a story about something similar with you today. 

Harley Harlington.Source: Las Vegas | Source: Las Vegas


Harley Harlington was a Marine veteran, single father, and survivor. However, These weren’t the only titles.He had been working for more than seven decades. He appeared tough, but he didn’t speak out about the inner problems that were causing him to be disabled. 

He was a loving grandfather and father who never failed to give his children incessant love. Harlington was always there for his children. His family was his strength.And silently endured all the struggles and pain without blinking an eye.Source: Las Vegas

Harley Harlington’s granddaughter, Kirsten. | Source: Las Vegas


Harlington worked every day to support his family. He was not a very healthy person, but he made sure his children were well taken care of and that they didn’t face any difficulties. Kirsten, his granddaughter. revealed:

“He’s been working on [all] his life. He’s an ex-marine. He’s had a kidney transplant, and it took him forever to get that and [he’s] still going strong.”

Harley Harlington.Source: Las Vegas | Source: Las Vegas


However, that was not all. Harlington was selfless and devoted to his children. He also felt deeply for others, and tried to help them whenever possible. Robbin praised her father’s selflessness and said so. expressed: 

“He is a man that provides and gives to so many and never says no to anybody for anything. He’ll give the shirt off his back.”

Harlington, despite his illness, never gave up on his responsibilities. His daughter and granddaughter were not surprised by his unending sacrifices. One day in 2016,A stranger knocked at his door, and he was stunned. 

FOX5 Surprise Squad greets Harley HarlingtonSource: Las Vegas | Source: Las Vegas

This is a HUGE Surprise

The elderly man was shocked to find a woman holding a microphone when he opened the door. Harlington had no idea what was happening, but to his astonishment, the lady on his doorstep proceeded to hand him a lovely flower bouquet. Harlington took the bouquet. “Wow. This is a surprise.” 

Jackson then gave the family a red envelope. When they opened it, Jackson couldn’t help but be shocked. 

It turned out that Monica Jackson, FOX5 Surprise Squad’s woman of the hour, was accompanying Harlington’s granddaughter Kirsten. Harlington invited them to the house and they settled down in the living-room. 

Harley Harlington, Kirsten and their hands.Source: Las Vegas | Source: Las Vegas


Jackson asked Harlington a few minutes later about his life and Harlington told Jackson about his kidney transplant. He said that it had added 25-30 years to his life. He also said that he was a devoted father. added:

“As well as running a business, at one time I had four jobs. You know, just so I could put food on the table, presents under the Christmas tree.”

Harley Harlington, Kirsten. | Source: Las Vegas


Kirsten sat beside Harlington on the couch and told Jackson that Harlington was the glue that held their family together. Jackson asked Harlington about his methods of making sure he was there for his children. replied:

“Whatever you can, you do, even if all you have to give is an ear to listen. You do [it] without any expectation of any kind or reward. You do [it] from the heart.”

Later, it turned out that the loving dad and granddad did a lot of driving around, including picking up and dropping off Kirsten to work, using a van that wasn’t in good condition. Harlington said that the van’s heating and air conditioning had stopped working. 

Jose Gutierrez, Sudden Impact Auto Body.Source: Las Vegas | Source: Las Vegas


Then, Jackson introduced the grandpa-granddaughter duo to two people from the Sudden Impact Auto Body, who offered to fix the van’s air conditioning and heater. Jose Gutierrez was moved to tears by Harlington’s story. He shared:

“He’s an exceptional father. You can tell. And I’m touched by who he is.”

Harlington and Kirsten were touched, as was to be expected, by the FOX5 Surprise Squad’s kind gesture. They couldn’t help but thank them. There was more to come. Jackson then gave the family a red envelope. When they opened it, Jackson couldn’t help but be shocked. 

Kirsten and Harley Harlington suffered an emotional breakdown.Source: Las Vegas | Source: Las Vegas


The box contained $1500Harlington was stunned when he saw the total. He reached for a tissue and wiped his eyes. said, “Utterly speechless. I’ve never had anything like this in my life.” 

The question was who had contacted FOX5 Surprise Squad. Jackson explained that Robbin, Kirsten and Jackson reached out to them in hopes of their assistance. Harlington has something special to celebrate Father’s Day 2016. He hugged his granddaughter as the grandpa held her hand. stated:

“If you have nothing else in life, you have family. You always have family.”

Kristen and Harley Harlington share a touching hug.Source: Las Vegas | Source: Las Vegas


Jackson met with Robbin, Harlington and Harlington after the surprise. Harlington was away at work when the Surprise Squad visited their home. Jackson then sat down to discuss the surprise. When Robbin was asked about FOX5, she replied that FOX5 was the reason. responded:

“He’s struggled and he’s gone through so much with the kidney transplant and all the doctors and moving him from Arizona to here. Throughout all of that, he was still so strong. And when the air conditioning went out in his car, I just thought that I have to do something to help him (sic).”

Robbin and Harley HarlingtonSource: Las Vegas | Source: Las Vegas


Jackson shared with Harlington his kindness and how it had made a difference to her. He also answered her question about what advice he would give other single dads. said:

“I don’t know if there’s any formula or anything like that. You have to take care of your children. They come first before all else, and if you do that, you will be rewarded. That goes without saying.”

Harlington also stated that He had given his kidney a name “Junior”He aspired to be the best version of himself for his family.

Undoubtedly, The love of this selfless father was so beautiful.He was a man who, despite his pain, always put his family first. It was time for him to be appreciated.

Harlington is a great example of a father who was selfless and generous. Share this wonderful story with other parents who are selfless and love you. 


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