Single Dad Buys Old Bus, Turns It into a Cozy Home for Him and His Daughter

A 42-year-old father wanted to give his daughter a luxurious place to live, but he didn’t have the means to purchase a fancy mobile home. He thought outside the box and created a dream home on wheels that looked unbelievable. 

A Brighton, UK, dad had a dream, and after six months of hard work, he turned it into a reality. When Adam Collier walked past an old and rusted bus in 2014, he had an idea to transform it into something completely different. 

The final product turned out even better than he imagined, and his 12-year-old daughter gave her stamp of approval. Devon loved the modern mobile home and was proud of her father. 

An old double-decker bus before renovation [left] Interior of the renovated mobile home [right] | Source: CHANNEL

Redesigning the bus’s interior was not an easy task, but thankfully, Collier had the needed skills as a tradesman. He turned the double-decker into a functional house on wheels that appealed to the eye as well.

He removed the seats and ensured the mobile home was insulated. With a tight budget, Collier knew he wouldn’t be able to afford a mobile home worth millions, but that did not mean he had to give up on the idea entirely.

An old double-decker bus before renovation | Source: CHANNEL


He could take an old bus and make it luxuriant with sheer determination and creativity. The results featured stunning green interiors, a kitchen, dining room, and cozy bedroom space.

He had £10,000 (about $13,500) to complete the project and spent almost half of the budget purchasing the bus. Collier enjoyed working on his DIY project and did most of the work himself, except for friends’ occasional help. He said:

“It was my project. I couldn’t expect others to share my level of enthusiasm.”

Interior of the bus which was transformed into a stylish mobile home | Source: CHANNEL

Collier, who spent his childhood on a bus, perfected every small detail and ensured the home was well equipped to meet his and his daughter’s needs. The tradesman did go over budget by £5,000 (about $6,700). 

He revealed it was a challenging project and stated: “It has been tough. It was a tough build. I found it difficult, but it was totally worth it at the end, and I’m absolutely over the moon.” 

Interior of the renovated bus which was turned into mobile home | Source: CHANNEL


Supporting a family is not always easy, and parents do their best to ensure their children have a place to call home, even if it is a slightly unconventional mobile house. Last year, another father secured a home for his wife and daughters.

After an illness left him in a difficult financial position, Michael Walker needed to think out of the box to provide for his family. He had three autistic daughters, Rukiya, Niara, and Adia, and when they became homeless, he turned to social media. 

A homeless Michael Walker is emotional as he asks people to help him and his family | Source:

He asked netizens to help him in an emotional video, and they did. They received monetary donations and offers of accommodation which put them in a much better place. 

When money is tight, there are ways to find housing or turn to budget-friendly options. Walker and Collier may have been in different positions, but both fathers went out of their way to ensure they provided a home for their loved ones. 


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