Simon Cowell reveals why he’s planning his wedding by himself

Simon Cowell has recently opened to PeopleHe explained his reasons for not hiring a wedding coordinator to plan his nuptials with Lauren Silverman. He explained that he doesn’t want the wedding to be held. “out of control,”Cowell is taking matters into himself. He stated that “I don’t want to have one of these ghastly wedding planners and all the arguments that happen, and who you do invite and who you don’t invite. The whole thing just seems like too much hassle.”Cowell stated that he had not yet revealed his master wedding plans to anyone, including Silverman.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Cowell wants to be his own wedding planner. In fact, back in 2014, Cowell told the Financial TimesHe’s a person who is attentive to the smallest details in his life. “Even when I’m on a show, I know what’s going on, and if it’s going wrong what we have to do to try to fix it. I’m minutely involved in every part, literally down to the color of the floor. I can spot a lightbulb out at 100 metres,”He added. It sounds like Cowell may be in good fortune if he decides to change careers. 


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