‘Shrek’-Themed Rave Returns to LA – Los Angeles

Fans “Shrek”Los Angeles’s Thursday night was unforgettable because they let their inner ogre out.

This animated film, which was released in 2001, is the main theme of a rave that’s on its way to smashing every major swamp in the country.

Shrek RaveReturned to LA 1720Music venue that attracted over 1,000 people. Ka5sh.

“People just didn’t stop dancing until 2 a.m.,”According to the LA-based content writer, “We had to kick them out — they did not want to leave.”

Spencer Rothbell attended Shrek Raves LA and stated that the most recent event was an exceptional experience, with themed drinks and merchandise tables, a photo booth, and an area where you can get tattoos or tooth gems.

Rothbell was witness to a professional wrestler dressed in Shrek fighting Lord Farquaad. Then, the next minute, Rothbell was watching people jump over the gate to take part in a dance performance on stage.

“Seeing a chaotic group of ‘Shrek’ characters twerk on stage is something I probably won’t forget,”Rothbell spoke to NBC4.

Some attendees were so committed that they ate raw onions at the event. Tweet.

Ka5sh was inspired by the smell of sharp-smelling vegetables being brought to previous raves and decided to become the perpetrator.

“This time around, I was like, ‘Whatever, I’ll just get a bunch of onions,'”He said. “Then we threw them in the crowd, and they loved it.”

The idea of a “Shrek”In 2020, Ka5sh hosted a rave themed around piracy.

“Everyone loves ‘Shrek’ just like they love ‘SpongeBob,'”He said. “Those two things are stuck in the nostalgia part of your brain where things are nice and good.”

Participants agreed that Shrek is a great combination with raves.

“I think it’s just goofy enough that people don’t take themselves too seriously and can just relax and have a fun time,”Rothbell stated.

Pedro Carrera

Ka5sh was unable to realize her vision in LA because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It wasn’t until March this year that Ka5sh could make it a reality. Shrek Rave’s next stop will be in San Francisco. Portland and Seattle follow.

Ka5sh however said that it was well worth the wait.

“It was maybe the most fun thing I’ve ever done in my life,”He said.


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