Sheree Zampino Details Rocky Coparenting Relationship with Will and Jada Smith

Will Smith and Sheree Zampino pulled the plug on their marriage — after just three years — back in 1995. Although they have a son together, Trey Smith (the father), they had a dispute over how they co-parent. David Yontef spoke to me about the “The Velvet Rope is the Secret Behind” podcast, Zampino said that there were “three different dynamics, three different personalities and [three] different belief systems,”Jada Pinkett Smith was also involved in the raising of her stepson, Will, who was only 5 years old at the time she got married. Zampino continued, “My thing was with Jada — it was like, as long as she treats him well, we’re good. Then, sometimes, moms get jealous. It’s like, ‘I’m getting jealous over another woman ’cause she’s treating my child right? What? That’s insane! Don’t you want her to treat your child right?'”

Zampino said that they were all on the same page. “same frequency” now. This, and Will also showed her love for him after he won Best Actor at Oscars despite some controversy. She shared the following Instagram a photo of the exes together and wrote, “Epic Night! Congratulations again — when 1 wins we all win!”Will must be doing something right to have his ex-wife’s support despite all the years.


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