Shaun Weiss, Star of ‘Mighty Ducks, Marks Sobriety Milestone after Shocking Meth Addiction

Mighty DucksShaun Weiss celebrates a major milestone Actor and comedian Shaun Weiss marked two years of sobriety in his fight against methamphetamine abuse. Weiss, who was the iconic goalie Greg Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks movies celebrated the occasion by sharing a transformation picture on social media.

Weiss is the first of three posts that mark the milestone moment. Photo sharedSocks that have writing on them “Sober AF Two Years.”He thanked his followers and wished them well on their long, difficult journey. He continued to write in the caption a message of support and encouragement for those struggling with addiction. “if you or someone you know is in need of treatment- 866.480.2496.” Follow-up postsWeiss, side-by, photos of himself. The first shows Weiss looking exhausted and unrecognizable in the middle of his addiction. The other shows Weiss smiling and feeling healthy. After sharing the image with a banner that said, “Read heart Emoji” and a banner that said, “a journey of a thousands miles begins with 12 amazing steps,”Drew Gallagher, a friend, tagged a post that appeared on Drew’s count reading. “Here’s a better comparison shot–> What a triumph! Congrats [Shaun Weiss] on 2 years sober!!! So proud of you brotha-look at you now.”

Weiss’s public struggle with addiction has been documented for many years. In August 2018, he was arrested for public intoxication. Later, he was released from jail without being charged. After his arrest, Weiss checked into rehab. However, in August 2020, Weiss was arrested for residential burglary and being impaired by a controlled substance. After Weiss had completed a court-ordered program in drug rehabilitation, the case was dismissed.

Gallagher says Gallagher was the one who told PEOPLE Weiss celebrated two years of sobriety with a meal at Brent’s Deli Los Angeles. The actor went to rehab, and now lives in a sober home. Gallagher said Weiss was doing well. “pretty awesome”And even hopes to buy an apartment. “when his finances get more stable.”

Gallagher said that Weiss had “been doing standup a couple places”And has “been really enjoying that,”Adding that they are “kind of focusing on just trying to get him back out there acting, he’s still as funny as ever.”Gallagher stated that Weiss also hopes to help others through his battle with addiction, telling the outlet. “he’s super passionate about helping others and that’s kind of the big thing. We’re working on a book explaining our experiences over the last five, six years.”


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