Shania Twain discusses ex-husband’s alleged affair in a new documentary

It’s now or never, Shania TwainShe is sharing her side of the story.  

The 56-year-old country star is now diving into the trials and tribulations she has endured throughout her long, legendary career. in the first trailer for her upcoming Netflix documentary Not Just for Girls Published July 20, 2009. 

And it appears that no topic is off the table—including Shania’s ex-husband Robert “Mutt” Lange‘s alleged affair with her best friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud back in 2008 that ended their 14-year-long marriage. 

A clip from is included in the trailer A 2011 Today interviewWith Meredith VieiraMeredith adds that he has a similar book in. “your best friend had an affair with your husband that led to divorce.”The clip then cuts to a second clip that shows Shania, present-day, sitting on an ottoman with a picturesque backdrop of a lake.

“It was similarly intense to losing my parents,”Shania speaks in the clip. “I thought I’d lost my voice forever. I thought that was it.” 

It’s not clear if Shania is referring to her ex-husband. E! News reached out to Robert but did not hear back. 


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