Shailene woodley shares her injury from vacation in Morocco

Shailene Woodley was on holiday and suffered quite an injury. The actor shared a picture on Instagram of herself outside, while she treated her ankle with ice. She explained in her caption that she had injured herself on vacation to Morocco. 

The Big Little LiesStar posted a photo showing herself outside, with a beautiful landscape as the background. The bag of ice that she had on her left ankle was the main focal point of the photo. Woodley still claimed that Morocco is her favorite place, even though she was hurt. “incredible.”However, it is not the end of her injury. She explained that she had injured her ankle from the “tiny little 3″There are many hidden tricks.” Woodley even referred to the architectural issue as “a real b*tch.”

Woodley’s relationship with Aaron Rodgers made her headlines earlier in the year. After being together for two years, Woodley and Rodgers ended their engagement. InTouch WeeklyThis was reported in February. According to an insider, Shailene was supportive of Aaron’s professional career but he prioritized football and they barely spent any time together. She felt that he had neglected their relationship. They were both unhappy.” Ultimately, the source added that they “It was impossible to make it work. There were too many obstacles. They are both adults now and have made the decision to part.”

Even though it was reported that Woodley and Rodgers had split, the pair sparked reconciliation rumors after they were seen hanging out once again. It was later reported that they attempted to give their relationship another go, but that it did not work out. An insider told E! News about their brief reunion, “Shailene tried again, and spent time with Aaron. But she soon realized that everything was according to his plan and would not change. She had no choice but to stop and it was too late.”

Since then, Rodgers has been linked to a woman named Blu, per the New York Post. When the news first made the rounds, some described Blu as a practicing witch. However, she later addressed that rumor by writing on Instagram, “I am not a witch. You’re all hilarious.” The football player follows Blu on Instagram but Rodgers has not commented on the relationship rumors. 


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