‘Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Episode 3 Recap June 20

This week: Looking for a Sister WifeBert was called by the Merrifields to videochat with Lea. It turned into a torrent of tears, and Lea is now questioning everything. The Epps family was introduced. They have selected someone they want to pursue, but they will keep their eyes open. Nick Davis went on his first date alone with Danielle, and ended up back in the bedroom. His wives were so happy for him, they slept in his guest bedroom. Steve Foley finally had a date with Brenda Foley. “girlfriend” April but there’s still some tension. Do the two women ever find a way to truly connect?

The Epps Family Are You Looking for Sister Wife?

Marcus is on a date with Taryn, his wife and India, his fiancee. India isn’t totally on board, but she is trying to be as supportive as possible. It’s especially difficult because Taryn and Marcus have known the woman for a long while. However, she is trying to trust them. It is possible that the dynamic they have created will change but so far it has been successful. India came in right when Marcus’s grandma passed away so he really needed her. It is scary to think of this girl, but it will not be surprising to the women if she isn’t right. Marcus will take Bina on a picnic, even though she has never expressed interest in this lifestyle.

Marcus must convince her that this lifestyle is suitable for them. He also shared that the couple is very close and do not travel much with their families. Bina may not like this, but she enjoys the idea of being with someone who is open with her about other women. He shares the good times with Bina, but then adds that he invited Bina over for dinner. He wants to know when he can be intimate with her, and Taryn believes it should be organic. India disagrees and wants to be involved with the kids.

The Merrifields Are Trying To Deal

Garrick can see how difficult it is for Bert and Bert to be with another woman. Lea, the new woman, is also finding it difficult but is optimistic that they will be able to work together. Lea hopes to meet Garrick in a natural way, but it is difficult for her to do so because she is bold. This is something Dannielle doesn’t know how to do yet. After a long day they’re finally getting to have dinner together. Garrick is aware that Dannielle likes Lea’s ability speak for herself. When Bert arrives in America, Dannielle is helping to explain the roles. She is still learning English, so she might not be able work yet.


Lea works 10-12 hours per day, so when she comes home from work, the last thing she wants is to cook or do laundry. Garrick is concerned because he doesn’t want a wife who works so hard. He tells her to work thirty hours a week which shocks Lea to no end but it’s a red flag for Garrick. While a wife should do chores, be with her family, she wants to return to school. He is not able to handle her ambitions.

Find a sister wife with the Joneses

Sidian, Tosha and their search for the right one continues. Sidian believes that multiple relationships can bring out different parts of him and he loves women. Their transgender son, one of their children, recently made the decision to move. They wanted to live in a more accepting environment. It has been difficult for them to find a second woman and this season proved it. It looks like they might have finally found the right woman. Arielle, a beauty pageant winner from the Philippines, is her name.


Tosha met Arielle at work while she was traveling to the Philippines. She is extremely intelligent and meets all their criteria for a sister bride. They tried to meet her twice but that failed. She is from a conservative background, which can be a concern.

The Morning After with Nick & Danielle

Yes, they were intimatable after their first date. April and Jennifer fell asleep together and then climbed into bed like Nick or Danielle. It is now time to get together and discuss the future. That discussion will be held at a different time and location.

Bina is coming over next week and has many questions. Lea asks Garrick about the number of wives he wants. He replies that he has five, but she is curious why he doesn’t want six. Sidian decides that he will go to the Philippines. Finally, the Foleys try to figure out how to make this relationship work.

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