Season 5: The Handmaid’s Tale Loses a Major Character

According to Variety on Friday, May 27, Alexis Bledel revealed she will not return to “The Handmaid’s Tale” for Season 5, leaving the fate of her character — Emily, also known as Ofglen — in question. She released a statement saying, in part: “After much thought, I felt I had to step away from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ at this time.”Bledel received an Emmy award for her performance in the 2019 episode. Rory Gilmore is her most well-known role. “The Gilmore Girls”For eight seasons, she did not offer any other explanations for her departure.

On “The Handmaid’s Tale,”Emily, a former college professor with Ph.D., initially appears submissive and stoic. She eventually reveals that she is a member Mayday, a secret resistance group. She appears on the last episode to assist June (Joseph Fiennes), in attacking Gilead (Commander Waterford) and to help Moira (Samira WIley) comfort and re-home those children who were freed during the rebellion. Emily and Simon, her son, escape to Canada.

Social media users responded with dismay, but also support for the actress after her departure. The account Twitter: Handmaid’s fans, “We love you always and admire you for your bravery, Emily! Thank you to Alexis Bledel for bringing this character to life and playing this role so perfectly throughout the years. I will cherish this character forever!”


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