Season 2: What the Potential Blood Of Zeus Romance Lovers Are Worrying About

Some viewers believe that the writers will be able to capture their emotions. “Blood of Zeus”She will not allow Heron to fall for Alexia (Jessica Henwick), who is the leader of Amazons. An now-deleted userReddit users think that a relationship between these two would be predictable and cloying. “He’s a bland male lead, she’s a strong female character, so the almighty cliche demands that they end up together … [but] I don’t want an insipid, obligatory romantic subplot to steal screen time from the interesting stuff …”

Other users were quick and unanimous to agree. “I was saying this to myself as I watched the show, I desperately hope they remain just friends,”Additional u/LieutenantDeer. Season 1’s final set the stage for drama that could go unresolved if Alexia & Heron get together. Seraphim (Elias Toufexis), who saved Olympus from being destroyed, is now working with Hades (Fred Tatasciore), which will be a problem. It’s only scratching the surface of the mythology that the series is based on. Trying to include a romance storyline in the series could distract viewers from the more important plot developments. This is not to mention the fact that Amazons were believed to only be able to have relationships with men in order for them to continue their culture. 

Some viewers may not see any chemistry among the characters. Redditor u/peachyShoob101It should be noted that “Heron genuinely doesn’t seem interested and neither does Alexia.”Season 2 “Blood of Zeus”We’ll be watching to see what else the Fates have planned for us when we get new episodes.


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